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Jewellery Expert Reveals Top Clever Ways To Save Thousands On Your Engagement Ring

An engagement can be an expensive affair because of the activities involved in it. Part of this includes buying an engagement ring for your significant other. However, you can make it affordable if you buy a moissanite engagement ring for your partner among other things. According to our leading expert jeweler, you can save thousands on your engagement ring by considering various options.

You need a good engagement ring. However, it does not have to break your financial account. You can still get that special symbol of love and commitment without stretching your finances too far. The idea is not to go for cheap and unpleasant options in the market. Instead, it is about knowing what exists in the market and going for quality alternatives.

Save money on your engagement ring

“If you have decided to buy an engagement ring, do not rush to buy those expensive pieces on the shelves”, says our expert. On the contrary, here is what to do:

1. Consider lab-grown stones

Conventionally mined gemstones remain scarce and are costly to acquire. Therefore, they cost a fortune causing you to pay more for your engagement ring. However, there are better and more affordable alternatives to consider. Natural diamonds remain expensive for many people but lab-grown options are pocket-friendly.

Lab-grown stones such as moissanite guarantee sufficient supply. Therefore, the price is manageable. Most importantly, the lab-grown options offer the great quality and brilliance needed for a great engagement experience. In addition, they come at only a fraction of what natural diamond costs. Therefore, you can save a lot of money going for diamond alternatives like moissanite.

2. Use yellow gold for your ring

The choice of metal for your engagement ring is a factor that adds to the price of your ring. Therefore, you should make an informed choice of the type of metal to include in it. Common metals for engagement rings include platinum, white gold and yellow gold. However, yellow gold is cheaper than the rest.

Yellow gold comes with other advantages especially if you need a vintage element. It also goes well with emeralds and sapphires. Despite being a stronger option than the others, platinum is a costly metal. However, it has low maintenance costs. Therefore, you can consider getting a lower carat if you want these qualities in your ring.

3. Get rings from old stones

Reworking an old jewelry piece can still get you a more affordable ring than buying a newly premade option. This option ensures sustainability in a world that needs it to take care of its environment. Therefore, reworking an old jewelry piece is an ethical approach and a less costly option to embrace.

Using old stones to form your ring is not only cheap but adds extra sentiment to your piece. To do this, look into your grandmother’s jewelry that has aged out. You will most probably find elegant stones that you can rework for a quality ring.

4. Buy lower carat diamond

Higher carat weight costs more than lower carat weight. Therefore, it will help you save a lot of money if you pick fewer carats of diamond. You really cannot tell the difference between a 1-carat diamond and a 0.9-carat diamond. Therefore, you will end up saving some good money by doing that.

If you wanted to buy a 1ct diamond, which is about 6.4mm – 6.5mm in width, buying 0.9ct would cost you less measuring 6.25mm.

5. Pick diamond alternatives

Do not focus entirely on buying a diamond for your engagement ring. Look out for other options out there with almost similar qualities as diamonds. You will realize that you got other options with the same sparkle like a diamond. Therefore, do not pay for expensive diamonds when you can get cheaper alternatives.

It is not easy to tell the difference between diamond and its alternatives. Therefore, they will give you an almost similar experience.

Final thoughts

Engagement rings just like any other jewelry products are quite costly. However, understanding the available options in the market can help you save a lot of money. Over the years, many more metals and stones have infiltrated the jewelry industry. Therefore, you can work around them to pick an affordable choice for your ring.

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