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Selling Your Crafts Online: A Simple Guide

Websites like eBay and Etsy are a great way for anyone crafty to make some extra cash on the side. Some people are even able to base their entire income on shipping their crafts from these platforms. If you’re thinking of selling your crafts online, here’s everything you need to know.

Minimize The Potential For Losing Things In The Mail

Everybody knows someone who knows someone that has had a package lost in the mail. You don’t ever want your online store to get the reputation for losing items that customers have their hard-earned money for.

So, go ahead and get yourself the best shipping label printer you can find. Make sure everything is organized. Do everything in your capacity to minimize the potential for items to get lost while they are on their way from you to your customers.

The shipping label should contain all the necessary information, including any barcodes. Make sure it is printed clearly, and that it is stuck on the package firmly.

Give Customers Options

We all know that some people would rather wait a couple of days than pay extra for shipping. On the other hand, some people are always in a hurry. Giving your customers the option to choose delivery methods is a great way to cater to their needs.

Amazon does this best because it gives its users the option to pay for same day delivery on select items, while they usually might take a day or two. You’ll be able to sell to more people if you give potential customers the option to choose.

Communication Is Key

As with any business, communicating with your consumers is a crucial part of fulfilling their needs. Make sure you are responsive on whichever platform you choose to sell your crafts on. That means that when a potential customer sends you a message, you should be able to answer them within a day.

Want to make them feel even more special? Send them an email thanking them for their purchase after it’s been delivered to them. This will prolong your relationship with them, especially if you add the option to subscribe to a weekly newsletter. Keeping your potential consumers engaged translates to more sales.

Product Descriptions

If you want to increase your chances of selling online, then you need to be sure that you are as descriptive as possible when listing your item for sale. For example, if you made a vase, simply listing it as a vase won’t be enough.

Try to include the color, style, material, and as many details as you possibly can in the product description. This will help potential buyers find your items easier when they are searching online. You might also consider applying SEO principles to the product description in order to reach more buyers through search engines.

Research Similar Crafts

If you still haven’t sold any of your crafts online, you might have no clue how to price them. The truth is that you can set whatever price you think is appropriate. However, to ensure that you are more likely to make a sale, try not to go too high above the normal range.

How do you find out the normal range for your crafts? Research. Log onto whichever platform you prefer, and search for similar items. After some time you should have a rough idea of what consumers are willing to pay for an item like yours. Try not to stray too far from the normal range. Going too high or too low can make it difficult to sell your items.

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