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Should I Send Flowers To My Man?

Perhaps more than men, women tend to have a higher affinity to flowers, right? Well, this is apparently true in whatever way you look at it.

Apart from making them feel loved and appreciated, flowers can spark a range of feelings in a woman, including happiness, joy, and self-esteem, especially those that come from the man in her life. Many flowers also symbolize respect, chastity, purity, health, good luck, and a lot more in-between.

But does this apply to men as well? Should a woman even consider sending flowers to her man, male friend, or male relative?

Let’s debunk this age-old question, shall we?

Men Should Also Be Appreciated 

If you are like most women, you’ll probably get into several relationships before finally finding the one… the love of your life. Regardless of the relationship stage, it’s good to surprise your man from time to time, so he feels cared for and appreciated.

The age and era where International Men’s Day becomes as popular as Women’s Day is yet to come, but Father’s Day has for quite long been an important marking on many people’s calendars. Men make a huge difference in society every day, and they too should be recognized for their distinguished efforts and accomplishments.

Should You Send a Man Flowers?

Some men can certainly be quite choosy in various aspects. He might even act a certain way based on what you wear on a date, behave differently when you’re out of town and there are miles between the two of you.

But flowers have a way of speaking out emotions and communicating what the mouth can’t utter. Whether it’s a romantic partner, a crush, or someone you’ve just started seeing, there are so many reasons to consider sending flowers to a man.

For instance, it’s easy and convenient to order them online. If you order with, you can get your chosen blooms delivered to the guy’s doorstep on the same or the next day at a discounted rate.

Moreover, your man will obviously have less control over what you get them as a gift. A man who respects and loves you dearly is likely to appreciate simple gestures like smiling at him regularly or agreeing to go out on a date with him.

How do you think he’ll feel after receiving a thoughtful bouquet of flowers from his favorite girl?

Appropriate Reasons to Send Your Man Some Flowers 

Men are usually not used to receiving flowers from their women, or sometimes any woman at all in a social capacity. But that doesn’t make it a taboo either.

As long as it doesn’t come out weird or seem improperly timed, there are several appropriate occasions to send flowers to the man in your life, especially if you are dating or in a romantic relationship with them.

Here are some of the most justifiable reasons to send a colorful flower arrangement to that male friend, colleague, relative, or romantic partner.

  • When saying “thank you”
  • On February 14th 
  • On your anniversary
  • When celebrating milestones like retirement or other successes
  • As a Father’s Day gift
  • On his birthday
  • Apologizing for something you did wrong
  • When he needs a little pick-me-up (cheering him up in a low moment)

Flowers That Men Love the Most 

Now that you know it’s okay to surprise a man with flowers, you might wonder which flowers will make the most impact in sending the message you want to pass through the gift. You man might not even dwell so much on the details or the floral arrangement. However, guys are more into flowers like tulips, chrysanthemums, carnations, roses, and anthuriums.

You may have a lot of thinking to do if all you have available are Baby Breaths and other feminine types, but it also pays to know the kind of flowers your man would love.

If you’ve thought of getting a bouquet of flowers for your guy at some point, you no longer have to feel weird about it. It’s perfectly okay to give flowers to a guy as long as it is appropriate, feels right, and the chosen blooms will make him feel cared for.

Just make sure you are sending the blooms to the right man in your life, so you won’t end up seeming needy or desperate!

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