Classy and Regal: Perfect Shoes for a Blue Dress

All my life, I’ve loved wearing blue dresses. But even as a child, I could never bring myself to match particular colors with them — namely, black. That strong aversion lasts to this day, even though I’ve tried to shake it. So if you’re as picky about finding the right shoes for a blue dress as I am, you may find this guide helpful.

Even now, I have an assortment of blue dresses in all sorts of styles and hues. Some make me feel light and girlish, while others allow me to project an air of feminine authority. The right footwear can make all the difference. So with that in mind, let’s talk about the best shoe styles and colors you can wear with your blue dress.

Choosing the Right Shoes for a Blue Dress: Easy Ways to Change Up Your Look

Sadly, choosing the perfect shoes for a blue dress isn’t exactly science. All I can offer is a few pointers that can help you pick the right hues, depending on the look you’re going for.


Metallic colors are always a win if you’re planning on wearing a blue dress. Silver, yellow, and rose gold are all incredible colors to pair with all shades of blue — from teal to indigo and beyond.

Rose gold can make a sky-colored dress appear even more wholesome and pristine, while yellow gold can lend it a more impressive, regal air. Silver makes azure shades take on an almost celestial quality. In a nutshell, all these metallics can make you look out of this world! You just have to make sure the rest of your accessories match your footwear.

I should note that some of these metals look better on specific skin tones. People with a warm undertone (those who have a yellowish tint to their skin), as opposed to red, tend to look their best with yellow gold accessories. Conversely, people with cool undertones (those who have a pinkish hue to their skin) look better in silver jewelry. And that goes for footwear as well.

Rose gold seems to suit both types of people equally well. So if you’re conflicted, go for shoes in that color family.

Nude and Clear

Wearing nude or transparent shoes is the best way to elongate your legs visually. Since the idea behind this is that your footwear should match your skin, you should basically have an uninterrupted line from your hemline to your toes. The principle should apply whether you choose to get flats or heels, so your legs will look longer either way.

I ought to point out that this whole thing depends on your finding shoes that are as close to your skin color as possible. But that may be more difficult than you’d think. Whether you’re fair or dark-skinned, the problem is usually in finding the correct undertone. Personally, I believe wearing “nude” shoes that are slightly olive on your peachy tan is worse than wearing ones that are visibly lighter or darker than your skin.

Still, if you decide to give up on your search for the perfect nude shoes, you can achieve the same effect with clear plastic footwear. They’re more comfortable than you’d think, and they come in all sorts of styles — from mules and sandals to boots. But if you want to wear them on your bare feet, I’d recommend sticking to the strappy, open sandals, just to avoid potential perspiration issues.

White and Blue

If you’re looking for the perfect shoes for a blue dress, you can always go with white or blue ones. Anything on that spectrum will work! You can emulate Meghan Markle and wear deep navy shoes and accessories with a sky blue dress. But you can also turn that combination upside down and go for an indigo dress and light blue shoes.

Once again, the most crucial thing about wearing pieces that are from the same color family is to get the undertone right. So if you have an electric azure dress, your shoes should also be on that “true blue” spectrum. But if your dress is more of a greenish, peacock hue, teal footwear would complement it nicely.

On the other hand, you can instantly class-up your outfit with a pair of white shoes. After all, white goes with pretty much anything, but it’s especially suitable in this case. In my experience, combining blue and white colors always makes an outfit look summery and nautical. You’ll just have to watch out for any puddles and take care not to spill your drink.

Pink and Red

Pink is one of my favorite colors to combine with blue — I basically live in that palette! Pretty much all shades of pink will look fantastic with your dress, whether you go for a light, rosy hue, or get full-on Barbie shoes. And you shouldn’t be afraid to dip into the cooler end of the pink spectrum, either.

For example, mauve shoes can make you look classy and feminine, whether you get heels or sneakers. Since both mauve and various blue shades have been trending for years now, we know how well they work together!

On the other hand, you could amp up the saturation with red shoes! Judy Garland popularized that combination way back in 1939 in the role of Dorothy Gale, and it’s still a winner in my book!

But any shade should work, depending on the tone of your dress. It’s best to let your footwear be the pop of color in your outfit. So if you’re wearing a navy dress, go for scarlet shoes. But if your dress is a brighter lapis lazuli hue, you could go for a more subdued burgundy pump.

Green and Yellow

Here, we have two slightly unconventional colors to wear with a blue dress. But each of them has its merits! Green shoes can be almost as eye-catching as red ones if you pick the right shade! You can pair emerald shoes with a cobalt dress or choose a lighter hue for a pastel blue dress.

Once again, you’ll have to establish the color compatibility yourself by seeing what your dress looks like next to the footwear you want to wear. And if you think green is too unusual, but you still want to brighten up your look — go for yellow!

Whether you get pastel heels or vintage flats, yellow footwear is a fantastically cheery addition to any outfit. Even more saturated hues like neon heels would be a valid choice with the right shade of blue.


Of course, most of these colors would also look incredible in a print. You can pick a striped shoe with a blue and white palette, an elegant floral pattern, or whimsical polka dots. And there are all sorts of animal prints to choose from on top of that. Each print would add something different to your ensemble, so choose wisely.

Some people like it when the print on their shoes references the rest of their outfit in some way. If you appreciate that kind of symmetry, you could achieve it by having a shade of blue represented in a pattern on your shoes. But that’s not necessary — you could conceivably wear green, pink, and yellow floral print and still have it go with a blue dress.

Finding the Perfect Shoes for a Blue Dress

Ultimately, finding the right color is only a part of the equation here. You’ll also need to find a style that fits your dress. You could go for Mary Jane platforms, peep-toe pumps, sneakers, boots, and so many other styles. Sneakers would do perfectly well with the Blue Dress. You can wear Loom’s Vegan sneakers to match it up with your style. Elegant and stylish, moreover these sneakers are waterproof, breathable and on top of all, vegan friendly. You definitely want to check out these.

Remember: mixing and matching formal and casual pieces is a fabulous way to add an interesting element to any outfit. So don’t be too much of a rule stickler when it comes to picking out shoes for a blue dress. Just be sure to find the footwear that will help you express yourself as eloquently as your dress does!