How to Shoot Your Shot: Get Yourself Noticed

Don’t get the wrong idea with a phrase like “shoot your shot,” although you’re not that far off. Shooting your shot has become a popular idiomatic phrase to motivate people to pursue their romantic goals unperturbed. So, in this blog, I’m going to briefly discuss the problems we all face when you want to shoot your shot and how to overcome them.

What Does Shoot Your Shot Mean?

It’s a phrase popularly used by the millennial age group on various social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram. Simply put, it means pursuing someone you are romantically interested in.

What Does Shoot Your Shot Mean

But the phrase can and has been used in a number of other situations as well. The term even seeped its way into business lingo a while back and refers now to taking job interviews, making an important presentation, or career-changing moves.

In basketball, “shoot your shot” means that if you have an opening, take the shot. Because it’s still better to try and miss than not try and have the ball taken from you.

You can think of shooting your shot as taking a chance on something that seems impossible or risky. Remember, great risk promises great reward. People who realize this early on often end up with little to regret in life.

Why Should You Shoot Your Shot?

You might have heard the adage “you miss 100 percent of the shots you don’t take.” Long-term married couples would agree strongly.

Why Should You Shoot Your Shot

But it’s fear that often holds people back. If you have the same problem, ask yourself, “What do I have to lose?” If anything, you stand to lose more abiding fear.

You only get a finite number of opportunities to pursue someone in your lifetime, and you probably will fail in many of those. But every time you don’t try, it’s an opportunity you’re never getting back. It’s better to have a hundred failures and one success than zero failures and zero success.

Especially considering that, at the end of the day, a meaningful relationship is something everyone wants.

How to Shoot Your Shot?

How to Shoot Your Shot

Ideally, your approach should be planned out before you shoot your shot. And hopefully, this goes without saying, men and women cannot go by the same playbook. We may have the same goals but we’re made differently, so our approaches and line of thought are more nuanced by our gender.

The main catalyst for tensions between the sexes is really just as simple as struggling to understand one another. Here are some beneficial pointers that can help you along.

For Men

First things first, if you find a girl pretty you don’t need to remind her she’s pretty. Women often turn down men because they’re sick of only being pursued on the basis of their looks rather than anything else they might have to offer.

for men

And you might not actually be one of those guys. But if you shoot with words like cute, pretty, gorgeous, etc., you won’t exactly stand out. They’ve had hundreds of men over the years tell them that they think they’re cute. What makes you special for liking her looks?

1. Making Your Move

If you’re going to start with a compliment, make it about something non-superficial, like her sense of humor or her intelligence.

2. Pay Attention

A big pro-tip, try to make your compliment specific. For instance, if she posts her cooking on Instagram, compliment her about how healthy you thought a particular recipe was or a particular ingredient she used that made it stand out for you.

Women like men who pick up on small details about them and their life. It makes them seem more intelligent, mature, and genuinely interested in substance overlooks.

3. Now for the hard part — execution

You need to be both subtle and patient with women instead of trying to rush your way to a first date. Have a couple of encounters online or in-person first where you just talk about normal things, instead of shooting your shot. Build a good rapport, be friendly and funny. Demonstrate your value, talk about the things you’re good at and passionate about.

But then make your shot, don’t wait too long. Ask her out politely and be sure that you can take no for an answer. Don’t keep waiting too long as most men do.

For Women

The idea that guys don’t seek long-term value in relationships or are only after sex is a falsehood. It’s true that sex is a strong motivation for men and that is probably why more men shoot the first shot than women.

for women

But to men, sex is a short-term goal that doesn’t need to mature into a long-term relationship goal, especially if the two people in question are not compatible. But value and character are every bit as important to men as they are for women. Although men may not be very vocal about it, it’s true.

Making Your Move

If you like a guy and are worried about making the first move because you don’t want to come off desperate, here’s some information to help you out.

Most men I’ve spoken to about women shooting the first shot have all said they strongly admire the courage it takes to make that first move. It shows that you are confident and know what you want.

To some men, it also provides reassurance and can be a tremendous motivation boost.

Don’t be shy or nervous, and you don’t even have to be subtle. Men like it direct and honest. So, there’s no right play for approaching men, just start with a simple “hello.”

Shoot Your Shot Memes

Memes have become the mode of expression for the silliest problems in society, including not being able to find a significant other.

When you feel like you can’t talk about a problem openly, you turn to memes for a voice.

These memes tend to range from self-deprecating to motivational, or just plain weird. Despite how funny and relatable memes may seem, however, it’s probably best not to take inspiration from them.

meme 1

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meme 2

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Shoot Your Shot Examples

Ready to shoot your shot but can’t find the words? Here are some texts people have actually sent that have worked. Don’t just copy this though; take inspiration and be original!

#1. “If you were a type of liquor, you would be patron tequila, because you’re top-shelf, nicely packaged, and whenever I’m around it there’s a 50/50 chance I end up naked or embarrassing myself.”

#2. “Would you like
A. Cat Fact
B. Name Pun
C. Inappropriate pick-up line
D. All of the above”

#3. “If COVID-19 doesn’t take you out, can I?”

#4. “I don’t usually give a compliment right away, but you have an excellent taste in men.”

#5. “You bring the Taco bell; I’ll bring the corny jokes and good time. Sound good?”

Whichever way you decide to shoot your shit, the most important thing to keep in mind is that how you take a “No” matters the most. If you get a “No,” respect it and move on with class and resilience.

Whether you’re a man or a woman having good character and qualities can instantly make you more attractive.

A Few Parting Words

Shooting your shot isn’t rocket science. We have these things called hormones that fuel a lot of our desires and passions.

Chemistry isn’t something you need to force; it happens naturally but it does require dialogue. And to even begin developing some chemistry, you need to shoot your shot. You’ll be surprised with the positive responses you can get by simply putting yourself out there, just the way you are, real and genuine.