How to Show Your Dog How Much You Love Them

You often know how much your dog loves you. They show you through tail wags, cuddles, and licks to the face. The chances are your dog also knows you love them very much, but it’s still important to show them. To let your dog know just how much they mean to you, read on.

Feed Them Healthy but Delicious Food

How you care for your dog on a day-to-day basis will tell them how much you love them. By feeding your companion healthy but delicious food (the kind they can’t resist but still provides all the nutrients they need) they will know that they are well looked after by you.

Not sure what the best food to feed your dog is? Introducing Taste of the Wild with ancient grains pet food into your dog’s diet will ensure they get all the vitamins, minerals, and fiber they need to lead a great life.

Snuggle Up With Them

Your dogs won’t appreciate hugs in the same way that you do, but they love to snuggle up with their human in the evening, so show your companion how much you love them by letting them up on the sofa and cuddling together while watching TV or reading a book. It’s a simple but effective way of showing affection, and it benefits both of you!

Go on Lots of Trips to the Park

The park is a dog’s happy place. Stop taking them there as much, and they will think they are in trouble. Take them regularly, however, and it will show them that you are a caring and devoted owner. Remember to play with them when you get there, too! Equip yourself with a ball and a launcher to make the experience even more fun.

If you want to show more love to your dog, you can pick up some toys that will provide additional benefits, like nourishing your dog’s teeth while they chew. In comparison with a simple plastic toy, antlers for dogs that are free from germs and packed with calcium, phosphorus, manganese, and zinc are much better. Make sure your dog has a natural toy to enjoy as a reward.

Rub Their Ears

Another way to show your dog that you love them is by rubbing their ears. This stimulates the production of endorphins, helping them to feel happy and relaxed. If you are the one providing that sensation, they will know that they are completely adored. Spend some time every evening rubbing their ears and they will be a very happy dog!

Get Excited When You See Them

Dogs get excited when their owners come home after being out, so why not show that same excitement in return? When you next arrive home, show your dog just how excited you are to see them by stroking them and telling them how much of a good boy/girl they are. After all, they deserve it!

Give Your Time

The best way to show your dog your love is to spend your time on them. Dogs are needy pets; they require lots of time, attention, and affection—all of which must come from you as their owner. By spending as much of your time with your dog as possible, you show them just how important they are to you.

A dog needs an owner who provides tons of affection. By showing your dog how much you love and care for them, they will feel much happier in your presence.