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What Are the Differences Between Slots and Live Casino Games?

The success of online casinos has led to these sites widening their range of games. Slots and live casino games are among the most popular, but you might be surprised to discover that there are some major differences between them as well as a few similarities.

What Are Slots?

Slots are simple games of chance based on the popular fruit machine or one-armed bandit mechanism that many people are familiar with from the land-based games of this type. However, their move online has allowed casinos to introduce new themes and features that expand the genre.

The real money online casino at Paddy Power is a good example of the variety now available, as they have titles ranging from King Kong Cash to Buffalo Blitz, Oil Tycoon, and a lot more. This reveals that many different themes are now used, which is reflected in the images and sounds used in the games. However, they all take their inspiration from the classic slot games where you try and get a winning line of similar images.

Additional features have been added in many cases, such as progressive jackpots and bonus rounds, but at heart, this remains a simple gambling game where the player doesn’t have any chance of affecting the outcome. That’s because a random number generator is used to produce a completely unpredictable outcome for every spin, as explained in this article by TechTarget.

What Are Live Casino Games?

Also known as live dealer games, there are modern versions of the classics like roulette and blackjack. Like slots, they have a random outcome but in this case, that’s because a human dealer obtains the results by spinning a wheel, dealing the cards, or doing whatever else is needed to progress the game and get a result. In terms of card games, Esquire tells us that every single shuffled deck of cards is probably unique.

There’s no need for a random number generator in this case, but we can see a comparison with slots in the way that the developer takes a classic casino game and add a modern touch to it. In the example of roulette, the wheel is the same as the wheels that have been used for centuries, with the same payouts for winning numbers. However additional features such as multipliers and side bets have added an extra element to the games.

In fact, this type of live game has also created an entirely new genre in casinos, with the game show titles that are now offered. They take a similar format to classic live games but with a new type of gameplay which is often based on spinning a wheel or some other way of getting a random outcome as we’ve seen in other games.

Which Is the Most Popular?

Both of these ways of gambling are popular for different reasons. Slots offer a fast way of playing a game based on a theme that interests you, while live dealer games introduce a human element to another classic way of gambling that most people are familiar with.

Now that you understand the differences and similarities between these games, you can decide which one best suits your personality or switch between as you prefer.

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