Slots With A High Percentage Of Return To Player

Slot machine manufacturers develop attractive stories, interesting symbols, and a variety of additional features in order to make their products popular with a wider audience of gamblers. Modern games are equipped with intricate graphics, 3D effects, and dynamic gameplay features. All these are aimed at attracting the attention of players and making people play games.

Every gambler knows that playing slot machines is associated with risk. Nobody gives any guarantee of a large win or a great return. However, the number of slots lovers at for example is constantly growing. Gamblers continue to visit gambling platforms for the sake of fun and the opportunity to hit the jackpot.

In this review, we will focus on slots with a high RTP percentage. So keep reading – and you will find out how important this indicator is for winning.

What Are RTP and Volatility?

Experienced gamblers are familiar with the return to player feature. You will be surprised, but casinos and developers have minimal profit from slot machines. If the RTP is set at 97%, then the remaining 3% will be a casino profit from it. In reality, this indicator is very conditional, but it is worth paying attention to when choosing a slot with a high return.

The next parameter is volatility. This indicates the dynamics of the gameplay. If the slot has a low variance, then you can count on small but frequent wins. When it comes to high-volatility slots, there is a chance to hit a solid jackpot.

But before that, you have to invest a lot. The second option is suitable for the riskiest slot hunters who prefer to play for high stakes. In the catalog of any casino, a description of key slot characteristics is attached to each emulator, so even a beginner can easily choose the right slot machine.

Jackpot Slots Category

This is the most attractive slot category in terms of big wins. Every reliable online casino has a dedicated section featuring such gameplay products. It includes slot machines with multi-million jackpots or prizes whose amounts just impress.

It is worth considering that a jackpot can be formed in different ways:

• Progressive. The amount increases in real-time; its size depends on the activity of all players. From each bet made by all participants, a small percentage is deducted from the general bank. The luckiest one will get it, after which the counter is reset to zero and starts counting again;

• Fixed. Everything is clear here. A jackpot was set by a gaming provider initially; its amount does not change. To win, you need to fulfill some conditions: collect certain symbols, reach a super game, etc. As a rule, only those who make the maximum bets (high rollers) get the right to a jackpot. In some cases, it is necessary to open an additional reel.

In addition to the above type of jackpot, a gaming machine can offer several prizes at once, which will be drawn in a super game or when combining bonus signs.