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Smart Kitchen Design: Letting Technology Lead The Way

Having a smart kitchen can bring you a host of benefits. In the recently published LG ThinQ Smart Home Report, for instance, around 17.3% of homeowners said that having smart tech saves energy, makes things more enjoyable, saves time, boosts safety, and saves money.

If you are in the process of renovating your kitchen or you have bought a new home and you are about to design a kitchen from scratch, how can you best employ smart technology to boost the beauty and functionality of what is probably your family’s favorite place to spend time together?

Letting Smart Appliances Take Center Stage

Homeowners into smart technology are spoiled for choice. Samsung’s Family Hub line, for instance, features smart fridges with internal cameras that inform users of its contents. It also plays videos and music, making the process of cooking much more fun. LG, meanwhile, has fridges that seem to be made of typical metal—until you tap them twice.

When you do so, the doors become completely transparent so you can see the contents of the fridge without opening the doors and wasting energy. Appliances of this level have a chic look that works best in a minimalist kitchen rather than a country-inspired or maximalist space.

Saving Energy through Smart Appliance Choice

One of the biggest strides made in kitchen design involves the development of ENERGY STAR-certified appliances that enable families to save water and electricity. When it comes to choosing the right appliances, prioritize their design and structure. For instance, front load washers save more water than traditional top-load models (13 gallons vs 30 to 45 gallons, respectively) and the latter can also be harder to reach.

If you have a choice of various styles of equipment, choose those that are most compatible with a modern, energy-efficient kitchen that doesn’t scrimp on functionality or ease of use. Proportion is also key. For a small kitchen, for instance, you should opt for space-saving appliances like dishwashers, ovens, and freezers.

Choosing High-Tech Materials for Fixtures

When selecting materials for storage furniture, central islands, and countertops, it pays to invest in high-tech materials that are easy to clean, resistant to high temperatures, and able to withstand cleaning products.

If you have a host of high-tech equipment, then smooth, gleaming or concrete surfaces (rather than matte or wood) make the perfect complement to these appliances and make for an appealing, seamless look. Quartz, steel, and brass are all good choices for sophisticated, easy-to-clean furniture.

Lighting Details

A tech-savvy kitchen would be incomplete without touches of designer lighting. Features such as geometric pendant lights or LED lighting along the base of central islands can all add a modern touch to your smart kitchen. If you go for LED statement lighting, consider futuristic colors such as blue or green to keep your kitchen visible at night when the main lighting is off.

Smart kitchens are increasingly the choice for modern homeowners. They enable families to save on energy and water while also boasting a beautiful look. To make the most of your smart appliances, keep your look minimalistic, allowing cutting-edge pieces of furniture to stand out (after all, many are beautiful works of art in themselves).

Choose slick, smooth materials for furniture and don’t forget the magic that lighting can add.

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