50 Spanish Nicknames For Your Girlfriend To Express Affection

With over 500 million native Spanish speakers all over the Americas and Europe, Spanish is one of the most spoken languages in the world. But more importantly, it is also one of the most romantic languages ever.

So, if you are looking for some unique and fun Spanish nicknames for your girlfriend, whether she has a Spanish name already or something like Dina Gioeli, this article is for you!

50 Spanish Nicknames For Your Girlfriend To Express Affection

Cute Spanish Nicknames For Your Girlfriend


#1. Media naranja

When translated, “Mi Media Naranja” literally means “my half an orange.” It may sound silly, but the actual meaning is “my better half” and “soulmate” in Spanish.

#2. Ojos de ángel

It means “angel eyes” — what better way to compliment your girlfriend’s eyes?

#3. Princesa

It means what it sounds like. “Princesa” means “princess” in Spanish.

#4. Mi cielito

One of the most adorable terms, who wouldn’t swoon when they’re called “my heaven” or “my little sky”?

#5. Mi sirenita

“Mi Serenita” means “my little mermaid.” One might think of Ariel in this context, but it’s a romantic endearment in Spanish.

#6. Bebé

You guessed it! It means “baby” in Spanish, a universal term of affection all over the world.

#7. Mi angelita

Aside from being a translation for “my angel,” this word connotes a more profound meaning that expresses love and purity for your other half.

#8. Mami

It’s a slang term for “sexy” or “hot” in Spanish.

#9. Mi luz

“Luz” is “light” and calling someone “my light” will guarantee a smile on their face.

#10. Cosita linda

“Cosita Linda” is a term of endearment that means “beautiful thing,” a fitting nickname for your partner.

Funny Spanish Nicknames For Your Girlfriend


#11. El cerebro

If your partner is smart and intelligent, a funny nickname for them is “el Cerebro” meaning “the brain.”

#12. Bombón

An adorable nickname, “bombón” means candy!

#13. Conejita

A term for “bunny” in Spanish, this is a fun nickname for your partner.

#14. Pollita

“Pollita” means “little chicken” but is commonly used to convey how adorable you find someone.

#15. Osito

Call your partner Osito, which means “little bear” or “teddy bear”, if they give the best hugs.

#16. Tigre

“Tigre” means “tiger.” This nickname will convey a sly compliment to your partner, who just might be good in bed.

#17. Azúcar

Translating to “sugar,” Azúcar is a fun and cute name to call your sweetheart.

#18. Pastelito

Pastelito is a “little cake” in Spanish. How fun!

#19. Churri

“Churri” is derived from the beloved Spanish “churro”. This is a gender-neutral term of endearment to convey a sweet feeling for your significant other.

#20. Cuchi cuchi

While the literal translation is “piggy,” it is also a term used to convey adoration and fondness.

Playful Spanish Nicknames For Your Girlfriend


#21. Mi reina

Meaning “queen,” calling someone “mi reina” can convey that someone has held your heart captive, and you have surrendered it to them.

#22. Chiquita

Chiquita is a “little girl” or “petite,” a perfect nickname for smaller partners.

#23. Chula

Calling someone “chula” will tell them that you find them hot and attractive.

#24. Chica

“Chica” means “girl” in English.

#25. Guapa

Want to call your girlfriend “beautiful” in Spanish? The word you’re looking for is “guapa.”

#26. Bella

Another term that stands for beautiful is “Bella.”

#27. Empanada dulce

Do you find your girlfriend the sweetest? Call her “Empanada dulce” — it means “sweet pie.”

#28. Enana

If your partner is shorter than you, calling her “enana” or “small girl” might make them laugh.

#29. Ojitos

For partners with captivating eyes that you could get lost in for hours, the perfect Spanish nickname is “ojitos” meaning “little eyes.”

#30. Ricitos

For your curly-haired significant others, calling them “ricitos,” which means “little curls,” is only fitting!

Cool Spanish Nicknames For Your Girlfriend


#31. Hechicera

“Hechicera” is a “sorceress” — the perfect nickname for your significant other who casts a spell on you.

#32. Caramela

“Caramela” is for when you find your girlfriend as sweet as candies!

#33. Maravillosa

Translating to “wonderful,” “maravillosa” goes beyond calling someone bella since it means that your partner is prettier than anyone else!

#34. Loba

For sly and minx-like partners, “loba” meaning “wolf” is the perfect nickname.

#35. Ninfa

“Ninfa” translates to “nymph” — otherworldly maidens dwelling in forests and waters.

#36. Regalito

Calling someone “regalito” means you’re calling her a “gift.”

#37. Galletita

It means “cookie” — a sweet nickname for your sweet girlfriend!

#38. Peluche

For all the partners who are the most huggable in the world, “peluche” meaning “stuffed animal” or “teddy” is the perfect nickname!

#39. Ojazos

The opposite of “ojitos,” if your partner has big, captivating eyes, call her “ojazos.” It means “big eyes.”

#40. Gata

A fun nickname for your sexy significant other is “gata” which means “cat” in Spanish.

Affectionate Spanish Nicknames For Your Girlfriend


#41. Mi sol

“Sol” means the “sun” in Spanish; so, “mi sol” is “my sun” — the perfect term of endearment for the sun in your life.

#42. Mi vida

“Mi Vida” means “my life” and will truly make your lover feel special.

#43. Mi corazón

Translating to “my heart” in Spanish, it is the English equivalent of calling them your sweetheart.

#44. Mi alma

A very loving Spanish nickname for your girlfriend is “mi alma” or “my soul.”

#45. Cariño

“Cariño” is a gender-neutral nickname that means “darling” or “honey” in Spanish.

#46. Mi amor

“Mi amor” is one of the most recognizable Spanish terms of endearment, and it means “my love.”

#47. Mi amada

It translates to “my darling” or “beloved.”

#48. Mi pedacito de cielo

This term of endearment is guaranteed to make your partner swoon in delight. It means “my small piece of sky” or “my little piece of heaven” — straight from a romantic novel set in Spain.

#49. Mi amante

What’s a more fitting nickname for your partner than “mi amante” or “my lover”?

#50. Enamorada

Meaning “someone who is loved,” this is quite the fitting nickname to declare your love for your girlfriend.