How To Spend Time When Travelling By Car

In a busy world, where we barely get time for ourselves, let alone have the opportunity to plan a trip, travelling by car may seem like the most far-fetched idea. Most people, having in mind the fast-paced lifestyles we’re all leading, would go for the plane when planning a trip. It’s the shortest, most convenient and fastest way to get from one place to another.

However, can you imagine how fun and enjoyable a trip by car could actually be, especially if not travelling alone? Here are some ideas on how to spend your time travelling by car, regardless of whether for an hour or two or longer.

First things first, the activities you can do while travelling by car would depend on whether you’re the designated driver or the shotgun passenger. If the former, your priority is safety on the road, and if the latter, you’re responsible for the fun! And while the driver can enjoy the ride, too, it is the passenger’s job to make the trip unforgettable.

If Riding Shotgun

Make the Best Playlist, Of Course!

Music is essential, it goes without saying, so as the one sitting next to the driver, it is your job to make the best playlist ever! Whether it’s only the two of you or you have some friends/family on the back seat, you must acknowledge everyone’s tastes in music, and try to have at least one favourite song per person. You can create a modern jukebox, really, if everyone has different favourite artists, be it Beyonce, Elvis Presley or Måneskin! A singalong is guaranteed!

Get More to Have Fun With!

Why not make the trip fun but also rewarding? There’s a way for you to have the time of your life while travelling by car, and win something to have more to spend when you reach the final destination. The driver might be focused on the road, but you could take the fun to a next level by visiting an online casino. There are hundreds of table games and slots you could play together, while in the car.

For instance, let your driver guess on which number the roulette ball would land on the wheel, as you press the Play button. And if the whole crew is in the car, let them all say a number, and place even more bets, to see who will win!

Snack It All the Way!

Of course you’re in charge of the snacks, too! Just like it was with the music, you must know what everyone loves to snack on! A variety is always welcome, so make sure you have Snickers for those with a sweet tooth, Coca-Cola for those who’re addicted to soda and Lays for all those couch potatoes that can’t go a day without their favourite guilty pleasure.

Naturally, you can offer healthier alternatives too, such as energy bars, smoothies and fruits. Nevertheless, you can’t have fun with an empty stomach, right? So make sure you don’t leave anyone hungry!

Record the Journey!

You all would want to remember the day you went on the trip and the entire journey that led to the final destination. Is there a better way to do so than photographing every bit of the way or recording it on your camera?

As the one in the front seat, you have the best position to make the most memorable photos and videos of your friends and family, their reactions, their faces, so you better come prepared. Make sure your smartphone, camera or tablet is fully charged and has enough memory on the card to record every little thing that happened on your trip!

Come Up with Must-Do Activities for the Final Destination

This is a great opportunity to create an itinerary for when you arrive at the place you were supposed to. Have everyone share one must-do activity they would like to be put on the agenda, and make sure you all stick to them when you arrive. You would be surprised how many great ideas you will hear, and as the one that’s been in charge of the fun for the entire ride, make sure you make their ideas a reality when you arrive.

If the Designated Driver

Take a Pitstop

Everyone’s excited, especially when travelling for miles when the driver takes a pitstop or a detour. Since you’re in charge of those, make sure you offer plenty! You may have some smokers in the car with you who would appreciate the break. Or, you may have kids who would love to stretch their legs and do their little shenanigans, if you know what I mean. Or, you all simply need to take a deep breath, explore the surroundings and enjoy the view better!

Suggest Playing a Game

The 20 questions game, hot or cold, I spy… these are all legit games when it comes to travelling by car. You can play these games regardless of who your passengers are, adults or kids. You can think of a thing, person or place around you, and let everyone guess who or what it is. The winner, of course, takes the lead.

Play a Podcast

Before you get into the car, make sure you download a podcast on your USB or smartphone, to play it over your trip. Podcasts would be a blessing, especially if travelling all alone. But they are also awesome when travelling with company, a great opportunity to learn something new or simply let your mind relax listening to the soothing voice of the speaker. Podcasts are really popular nowadays, and they come in hundreds of forms and topics.

Simply Connect

Go down memory lane, reminisce over shared moments from before, or talk about what happened to all of you in the past few days. Travelling by car is one of the best ways to reconnect, to have your friends and family share their thoughts, ideas, and worries even, and to have a healthy conversation. Considering all the miles you have to go through; you’ll get plenty of time to cover what’s on everyone’s mind.