Kids Look Forward to Springtime Field Day Courtesy of Watson’s

Soon we will be heading into spring. In some states, the weather is always warm. That means parents can engage their children in recreational activities in the backyard with other kids in the neighborhood.

Having a day set aside, even if you want to wait until closer to when school lets out for a “field day,” can bring the kids closer to others in the community and allow you to meet new people at the same time.

Some people have heated pools and varied toys and equipment to make that part of the fun. You can find these supplies with stores like and bring home all the things you will need for that springtime field day for your kids. You have the potential to add a spa, patio furniture, a fire pit, and so much more to make the backyard an extension of your home’s living space.

Setting up a field day means having many different “stations” where kids can test their skills in athletics, whether it be skipping tires, scaling a false wall, a bean bag toss, and so much more. In a home setup, the games and activities are to scale for the yard and the children’s ages.

There are loads of fruit for snacks and plenty of water for hydration as the day progresses. The smores are saved for nightfall when the bonfire starts.

Springtime Field Day Courtesy of Watsons

Field days in schools are loads of fun for kids, but these are beginning to become a thing of the past. That does not mean you cannot still hold them in your own backyard if it’s large enough or even takes advantage of a local public park in the neighborhood.

The activity does not have to be limited to the children either. Grownups can enjoy the experience by inviting any family members to come with the children so everybody can make new friends and have a fun time. Find a few tips for indulging the kids on a budget. Let us look at ways to make the day go off without a hitch.

• Put someone in charge of the event

There needs to be at least one person in control, creating a plan for the day, checklists for guests and games, and laying out and developing each activity. When things are organized, everyone has a much better time.

You need to realize that sometimes it can be overwhelming trying to handle everything yourself. It is wise with something this involved to have at least one partner and to ask each family to bring snacks and water to save some work for yourself.

• Designate leaders for each game

As the person in charge of game day, it is up to you to designate leaders for each game activity. These individuals will keep the kids in line, setting up the rules, determining if each will be a team effort or individual, and declare a winner at the end.

You will give prizes as the overall field day organizer. These should be small gestures and only for those who win. It is disheartening when someone wins an activity, but everyone gets a prize all the same. It defeats the purpose of winning. The others will receive a treat when there are s’mores.

• Music is a must

Kids and adults alike love to have music at any gathering. This needs to be child-friendly. There are many kids’ playlists on varied mediums to enjoy. That can add an element to field day with karaoke or dance contests. One thing that should not be at the event is digital devices, either with the adult family members or the kids.

As people come, have a basket by the gait asking everyone to put electronics in the basket to be returned when the day is finished. Some people might prefer to take theirs back to their car, but as long as there are no distractions or interruptions during play, that’s what’s important.

Final Thought

There are many ways to enjoy these activities and many opportunities to get the kids involved creatively. Take the opportunity to have tables set up so children can assist with developing prizes, whether designing certificates or perhaps trophies out of varied art supplies.

The day is about everyone being an active participant, creatively inclined, and simply having a blast. That equates to bonding not only as friends and a community but as a family. Click here for a few more tips for active families looking for healthy activities for their children.