How to Stop Antisocial Behavior From Your Dog

Antisocial dogs are those that have trauma and need a careful hand to care for them. Antisocial behavior, however, is common in all dogs and can be trained out with the right approach.

To give you an idea of some antisocial behavior, here are a few examples:

• Barking and being aggressive to other dogs
• Being aggressive around their food
• Being aggressive around children

There are many reasons why your dog is exhibiting antisocial behavior. It is your duty as the dog’s owner to socialize them and to give them healthy coping mechanisms.

How to Stop Antisocial Behavior

There are a few ways that you can reduce or stop antisocial behavior as per Camelot Dog Training Connecticut.

1. Use Non-Aggressive “No” Signals and Tools

Hitting your dog and prolonging punishment is not helpful when it comes to training dogs. Dogs do not understand that prolonged punishment is for their behavior. What you can and should do instead is have a non-aggressive means to stop the bad behavior and correct it with positive reinforcement. This could be a “no” noise you make, or it could be done with an ultrasonic trainer.

Some of these trainers are automatic. There are collars, for example, that will automatically go off with prolonged barking. There are also handheld trainers to stop bad behavior even if your dog is too far for your voice to be particularly effective.

2. Rely on Positive Reinforcement

Positive reinforcement is the best way to train a dog. The only “negative” reinforcement you should do is a short noise to get your dog’s attention and to stop the bad behavior. Once they have stopped, you will then want to redirect their behavior. If they are chewing something they should not, get them to stop, then bring them to a toy they can chew.

If you have a puppy that has started to pee not on a puppy pad or outside, bring them to that spot and then reward them for finishing their business there. Once they start to do this behavior on their own, reward them for it. Dogs want to please you, so show them how.

3. Socialize Your Dog with Other Animals

Only-child syndrome is common with dogs, which is why socializing them with other dogs and animals is a must. Dog parks and dog playdates are two very useful social methods to keep your dog happy and social with other dogs, even when they are an only child.

4. Reduce Food Aggression with These Tips

There are many tips that you can use to reduce food aggression. Little methods, like getting your dog to stop eating to go for a treat instead, to being next to them as they eat, to hand feeding and more. The point is to get the dog used to you and others around them and around their food. Do not take their food away, but instead make them feel safe in eating at their leisure. Essentially, you are teaching them to trust.