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Is There Any Strategy For Winning The Lottery?

People have been playing the lottery since the Chinese Han Dynasty of 205-187 BC when keno was a widely played game — one that remains amongst the most popular casino games in the world.

That’s a heck of a long time for people to work out a winning strategy. But the reality is that lottery games are based on chance, which makes it very difficult to find a winning strategy.

What we’ve done is provide you with a few tactics that you can use as part of your strategy for winning the lottery. We’re not going to suggest following our methods will guarantee you’ll be a lottery winner but they might boost your chances of success to some degree.

So, read our strategies and decide which ones you want to use.

Choose lotteries with good odds

If there’s one thing that can certainly improve your chances of winning the lottery then it’s picking the games that have the best odds. It’s simple: the better your odds are of winning the more likely you are to win.

Many countries have their own national lottery and plenty of nations have a range of games in addition to this. The odds you get from these lotteries vary enormously, as you can see from the examples below:

• French National Lottery: odds of winning = 1 : 5.99
• EuroMillions Lottery: odds of winning = 1 : 13
• US Powerball Lottery: odds of winning = 1 : 24.9
• German National Lottery: odds of winning = 1 : 63
• Brazilian Mega-Sena Lottery: odds of winning = 1 : 2,298

As you can see from the figures listed above, your odds of winning the French National Lottery are more than 383x better than your chances of winning the Brazilian Mega-Sena Lottery.

If you’re trying to create a winning lottery strategy, it should be built on picking the games that give you the best possible chances of victory.

Pick your lucky numbers

Lottery games are pretty simple — you pick the numbers you want and then hope they come good. What’s less straightforward is picking the right numbers. This is where having a strategy can help. People have to pick their lucky numbers.

Picking your lucky numbers needs little explanation. Simply choose the numbers you like. You might like specific numbers because they’re the dates of important life events (perhaps, a birthday or wedding anniversary) or just because you like the look of a number. The key to this strategy is you choose ones that are lucky to you.

But while gut instinct is important in picking your lucky numbers, you can also use a data-driven approach. In this method, you choose the most common lottery numbers. These are the numbers that have been drawn most frequently, so it could pay to add them to your lucky ones.

Some lotteries, such as Cash4Life, also have a random number generator feature that helps you to select lucky numbers. This is a good way of adding a bit of variety to your selections.

So, if you want a strategy for winning the lottery then it might pay for you to choose your lucky numbers and then reserve them on your account for future games.

Create a lottery syndicate

There’s strength in numbers. The more people you have involved in a strategy the greater your chances are of success. This is particularly true in games like lotteries, where chance is so crucial to the result. It’s why creating a lottery syndicate is a great tactic.

Lottery syndicates are groups of people pooling their resources together to buy tickets. Let’s use an example.

Say you’re playing a lottery that costs $1 per ticket, offers a $100mn jackpot and that you have a budget of $20. This means if you play on your own then you can buy 20 tickets and have 20 opportunities to win. But if you have a lottery syndicate of 20 people who each have a budget of $20 then all of a sudden you have 400 opportunities to win.

Of course, what you must keep in mind is that using a lottery syndicate means the winnings are spread out between more people. This makes your pot smaller, so might make it less appealing.

But let’s think about this sensibly. The example jackpot we mentioned early was for $100mn. We’ll run through how that could look for you.

Obviously, if you were to win this then you’d get $100mn (before taxes) and this is more than you’d receive in a syndicate of 20 people. But $5mn is still a huge amount of cash and the chances of you winning that amount in a syndicate are significantly higher than you securing $100mn playing the lottery on your own.

So, if you’re happy to reduce the amount of money you win but increase your chances of winning then creating a lottery syndicate is a smart tactic.

We’ve outlined some great strategies you can use to try and win the lottery. However, the important thing to remember about the lottery is that it’s a game of pure chance. This means there aren’t any truly successful strategies you can use to win the lottery.

Try our strategies but remember that you really just have to cross your fingers and hope your numbers come good.

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