The Benefits of Spine Hygiene
Dr. Daniel Gonzalez, D.C.

Deaths from infectious diseases have declined markedly in the United States since the adoption of public health programs, improvements in sanitation and the practice of good hygiene. Prior to that, there was a time when society did not understand the significance of poor hygiene. Even surgeons failed to scrub or wash their hands prior to surgery.

But today, it’s common knowledge that poor hygiene makes you more susceptible to disease. And over the last few decades, scientific research has educated us on all the important ways we can protect and maintain our health. Although infectious disease is on the decline, chronic disease – or diseases of sedentarism, poor nutrition and stress now contribute to the leading causes of death.

Today, one of the newest frontiers in health is spinal hygiene, and slowly, people are starting to realize its importance. Spinal hygiene is a set of practices designed to care for one of the most important structures of your body – your spine.

The spine is the protective housing for the nervous system, which controls every function in the human body. The brain and nervous system are constantly controlling every major organ system including the heart, lungs, digestive tract and immune cells. A damaged or misaligned spine can dramatically interfere with the signals constantly being sent through the nervous system, eventually resulting in bodily pain, decreased organ function and loss of many of the everyday functions we take for granted.

As important as spine hygiene may sound, 89% of the world’s population does not practice or think about maintaining proper alignment of their vertebrae. Rather, the majority of us wait for pain or serious disease before seeking care. Chiropractic adjustments, as well as behavior modification and daily spine hygiene exercises help to protect the spine from injury through healthy living practices.

If you’re interested in life long health and well-being, consider incorporating daily movements that focus on balance, strength and flexibility of the spine.

Dr. Daniel Gonzalez
Doctor of Chiropractic
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