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Top Subscription Box Categories For 2021

Are you already a fan of subscription boxes, those monthly, quarterly, or seasonal gift boxes that arrive on your doorstep regularly and contain specialty products? They’re one of the hottest concepts in retailing and are beloved by millions of online shoppers who value quality, reasonable prices, variety, and uniqueness.

Of course, some of the companies who use monthly subscription box delivery sell rather ordinary fare, like clothing, cosmetics, and kitchen utensils. But the most exciting segment of the niche includes unusual, rare, clever, luxurious, and gourmet-style items for all tastes.

For 2021, here are five of the coolest things you can order that arrive in monthly subscription boxes.


If you enjoy wine, these monthly boxes are the perfect way to gain a solid knowledge of worldwide offerings from the vine. Some of the retailers who offer wine delivery each month have menus that include more than 500 choices. Prices vary based on selection but people love to get wine this way, and the constant market growth proves it.


One of the hottest products in an already popular category, cannabis subscription boxes are catching on as gift items as well as convenient ways for people to purchase cannabis without hassles and price haggling. For example, Nugg Club selections offer buyers a $225 retail value at wholesale prices of just $99 per box. It’s an ideal way to gain access to top-level brands at affordable prices.

Plus, buyers get to try something different every month without having to leave home. Doorstep cannabis delivery is something no marketing guru could have predicted as reality, but truth is indeed stranger than fiction.


For consumers who like to indulge a sweet tooth, the possibilities are endless. Choose from homemade or manufactured brands of your favorite candies. Some brands specialize in nostalgia products that were popular in the 1950s and 1960s. Others focus on homemade gourmet selections like chocolate, taffy, and chewing gum.

Within the niche, one of the literally “hot” sub-categories is cinnamon-flavored sweets. They include hard candies, taffies, and red-hot miniatures of all varieties and shapes.


Coffee has its own universe of consumers, some of whom are exceedingly serious about taste, quality, and other characteristics of the bean that we rely on as part of our daily routine. For subscription boxes in this segment, there’s truly something for every coffee lover. Buyers can select a country, flavor, or caffeine-based potency rating.

The entire culture that has grown up around retail coffee in the last two decades is strikingly similar to the way wine aficionados have built their own world. The good news for all of us regular coffee drinkers is that the subscription boxes are a fun way to experiment with all the different flavors the world has to offer.


For people who enjoy healthful, prepared meals, a monthly or weekly delivery box is the way to go. For busy professionals who don’t like to, or just don’t have the time to cook, there’s no better way to get top-notch, delicious food at a relatively reasonable price.

Weekly delivery is the most common choice for buyers, who get enough meals to cover lunch or dinner, or both, for an entire seven-day stretch. When it comes to convenience, meal delivery like this can’t be beaten.

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