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Buying Summer Dresses For Curvy Women Had Never Been Easier

Fashion trends have always remained focused on slim-figure women. No matter how insane that seemed, the fashion industry imagined only thin women when designing cocktail party dresses or even casual dresses such as denim jeans. 

Society is not filled with thin women only. Many plus-sized and curvy women had struggled throughout history to find suitable dresses for themselves. Most women had no option but to get them custom-made from the tailor, which did not give the same look as a designer’s dress. 

Fortunately, the fashion industry has decided to consider plus-sized women as well. Today, you can easily buy dresses for curvy women in various stores and online boutiques. 

Here is a small guide on how to find the perfect summer dress for a curvy body, and where to find them. 

The summer season calls for loosely fitted dresses in solid monotones, florals, or bright colors. No matter what your body size or shape is, summer dresses can be pulled off by anyone who knows how to do it right. 

Every woman’s wardrobe should have essentials for the summer. Here is what curvy women can look for when they go shopping for summer dresses. 

1. Front Slit Maxi Dress

A maxi dress is a must-have when you want to give yourself a slimmer look. Maxi dresses can be worn on a casual day or a formal evening, depending on how you accessorize the outfit. 

If you are looking for a maxi dress, go for the one that has a slit on the front. Slit gives a flow to the body and makes you look slimmer and taller. 

2. Jumpsuits

You can never go wrong with a good pair of jumpsuits. Summer is perfect to flaunt a jumpsuit. For your curvy body, you might want to wear the jumpsuit strategically. When you look for a jumpsuit that does not gather around the waist, you might give the illusion of taller legs. 

Avoid buying wide-legged jumpsuits, instead, go for something that draws attention to your upper body. This way you can give an illusion of a slimmer body. 

3. Florals

Florals scream summer. When you are shopping for summer dresses, never forget a floral outfit. You can go crazy and pick florals on florals, or you can go for a floral top with solid bottoms. 

Floral frocks, maxi dresses, and tops paired with solid denim or cotton trousers give a very vibrant and summery look. Make sure you have one in your wardrobe. 

4. A Monotone Dress

Monotone dresses give an effortless yet chic look. You can never go wrong with a solid dress. You can pick monotone body suits, trousers and shirts, or a monotone dress. 

Red is one of the fiercest colors you can choose for yourself. You can pull off a red dress on dare nights, party nights, or a fancy dinner party. A black dress is a classic, and every woman should have at least one black dress in her wardrobe. 

5. Summer Shorts

No matter your body shape or size, never let it stop you from enjoying good summer dresses. You surely want to flaunt your tanned legs, so why not pick shorts and pair them up with floral or solid tank tops. 

You can go for denim shorts or different colored cotton shorts. An A-line skirt might do wonders for you this season, so why not invest in one of those. 

Where To Buy Summer Dress For Curvy Women?

After reading about all the yummy summer dresses, you must be wondering where curvy women can get these dresses from? Well, the answer is simple, shop them from the stores. 

As the fashion industry has finally started to consider plus-sized women as human, they have started to offer their services to curvy women as well. As more plus-sized models are being hired by giant fashion hubs, ordinary women feel more included and heard in the fashion industry. 

There was a time when stores only offered a pair of jeans for women with smaller wastes. Now, you can easily get jeans from stores for waists more than 40 inches. Similarly, many clothing brands are offering summer dresses, including designer casual and party dresses for plus-sized women.  

You can visit such stores in your nearest market, or you can also shop online from brands that offer their services to plus-sized women. 


Curvy women have always struggled to find the perfect dress for themselves throughout history. Well, the trends have changed now. Curvy women can easily buy their favorite summer dresses from their favorite designers in their boutiques or online stores. Shopping has never been easier for plus-sized women as it is now. You can find the perfect dress for yourself by visiting stores or scrolling online shops.

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