Taking Tech Outside

With technology advancing apace in the workplace and the home, it’s nice to know that outside spaces haven’t been forgotten either.

Technology is helping people get more from their gardens and is taking some of the leg-work out of maintaining them too. By taking the guesswork out of caring for plants, it’s offering everyone the opportunity to create beautiful landscapes and productive vegetable gardens.

So if you are looking forward to a more laidback summer in the back garden, here are some of the must-have pieces of tech to help you achieve it:


For anyone with mobility issues who wants a regularly manicured lawn, robotic lawnmowers are especially useful. Even those who’d just rather be sitting, enjoying the garden than pushing a mower around it will love these clever little machines.

After installation and programming in instructions, automowers simply pop out and do the hard work for you. Only requiring the occasional clean, they will massively reduce the normal workload for a well-kept lawn.

Plant pot smart sensors

If you are guilty of under or over watering your plants, or if your horticultural knowledge could do with a little help, smart sensors for plant pots could be the solution.

These devices sit in the pot and detect the amount of sunlight your plant is getting, analyse the soil, and monitor the temperature. Using this data, the device can then alert you via a smartphone app if conditions aren’t optimum and advise you on improvements to make so the plant can be kept in peak condition.

Smart Water Control

A similar piece of tech to the sensors above, smart water controllers monitor the soil conditions and the weather to water the garden at the right times. Quite an advancement on the old sprinkler systems which could only programme switch on and off at a specified time.

Outdoor kitchen

Installing outdoor kitchens in the garden is becoming a popular choice, and there are lots of gadgets and appliances to think about if you’re considering one for yourself.

Of course, you’re going to want a cooker and some cabinets, but did you know nowadays you can effectively replicate an indoor kitchen outside? So if you’d like to include a fridge and dishwasher, that’s doable. You can even include an ice maker, beer dispenser, warming drawer, and smoker in there for the real home chefs out there.

Garden cams

Typically used to capture wildlife on film, garden cams can also come in handy as an additional security device too.

To prevent hours of wasted filming, they generally have an in-built sensor to detect motion, so only fire up when something is moving about.

Smart weather devices

Smart weather devices are able to record data such as rainfall, humidity, temperature, air pressure, and pollution levels.

Through phone apps, they can share the data, analyse it, and forecast future weather and can also be connected to a smart speaker.

With all this technology supporting those with green fingers, as well as the more horticulturally challenged, the gardens of the future are beginning to look pretty rosy.