Celebrate the Teachers in Your Child’s Life with Christmas Gifts

While there are no real-life superheroes, teachers are probably the next best thing. They don’t fly, but they have their own superpowers like educating the little minds, be it through the screen, in the classroom or playground.

It’s safe to say the role they have is crucial in our children’s lives, and for that, they deserve more than our sincere “thank you”. Let’s be honest, who doesn’t cherish receiving a heartfelt note accompanying a small gift as a token of gratitude? There are various occasions you can use to express your feelings of appreciation towards the important person in the life of your child, like birthdays, but if we had to pick one that’s most notable for the presents, then it’s got to be Christmas.

As we’re getting closer to this year’s most cheerful season, now is the perfect time to plan for the ideal teacher Christmas gift to reward their hard work. You don’t have to buy anything too fancy or expensive to show them how much their dedication is valued and respected. Anything that’s thoughtful, customised, and full of love is more than welcome.

If you have no clue as to what this may be in the form of a gift, the following ideas could serve as your inspiration.

Get an A+ Gift Basket

What better way to celebrate the teachers in your life than with a classic? Gift hampers have been popular for centuries because of the simple fact they are easily customisable and available in a variety of shapes and contents. There’s nothing to fear if you aren’t that DIY-oriented since it won’t take you long to come across versatile teacher Christmas gift hampers full of edible treats online.

And if you’re up for something more thematic, bouquets, Christmas wreaths and tree shapes are at your disposal too. From ready-made options, to customisable you get to handpick yourself – whichever you choose, they’ll certainly make you top of the class!

Chocs are an iconic pick for such celebrations, and there’s something for every chocolate lover’s taste buds: from finest milk Belgian and Lindt chocs, to truffle chocs, salted caramel, crunch, raw chocolate bars, and peanut and almond bars.

Since teachers come in various forms, and with varied sweet tooths, vegans and those with special dietary requirements aren’t left out either. Gluten-free, plant-based and vegan treats galore are ideal for teachers who don’t want to compromise their health and diet.

In case you want to add something extra to the teachers’ gifts, to accompany these edible goods, it calls for the job of a drink. While Australian wines like Riesling are definitely a staple, having in mind not every teacher is an oenophile, there are plenty of other drinks you can choose from, like craft beer, cocktail mixes, gin, or non-alcoholic tea and coffee.

The reason I personally find these gifts to be the top teacher Christmas gift choices is that they can be shared with a loved one, or even with the rest of the class. Good things are meant to be shared! And once the treats are all gone, the basket or bucket they come in are keepsakes that can be repurposed.

Choose a Teacher’s Pet

This idiom doesn’t always have to imply something derogatory, and I can prove it! No, I’m not referring to actual furry pets but rather the green kind. There are many benefits when choosing plants as your go-to gift option.

When you send a plant, you’re sending a gift that would prove to be the perfect companion for a long period. Think of it as the gift that gives years of beauty, in addition to purifying the air, helping ease anxiety and depression, and enhancing the décor with liveliness – be it in the classroom or the home. More so if you send them in equally eye-catching trendy handing pots and planters.

Whether given on their own, or as complements to the tasty teacher Christmas gifts, one can never go wrong by purchasing this kind of item. There are all sorts of plants, from those meant for the people with particularly green thumbs, to those who need something low-maintenance so they can be personalised gifts too when chosen for a specific type of lifestyle.

Ace Gift-Giving with Personalised Stationery Kits

Teachers and essential classroom stationery supplies have always shared a strong bond, so it’s only natural to get the idea of buying them something related. There are various options available at the stores, from handy and noiseless pencil sharpeners that are much desired, to customised notepads, lanyards and bags you can choose from without pulling an all-nighter trying to come up with an item that’s highly useful.

However, when it comes to the one stationery supply that beats them all in terms of personalised then look no further than pencils. Somehow, teachers’ pencils always end up getting “lost” after being borrowed, which let’s agree, it can be quite the pet peeve.

Adding the teacher’s name to each and every pencil in a set increases the chances of getting them all back. A pack of pencils, plus a teacher Christmas gift hamper full of their favourite snacks sounds like a winning combination, doesn’t it?

Pick a Gift Card

Out of ideas as to what they are particularly fond of? No problem. You won’t have to put your thinking cap on with a gift card of their top places to eat/drink/socialise (yes, teachers have social lives too!).

This is a great choice because it doesn’t require that much thought into it, just pay attention to what they prefer in terms of food, drink, likes and dislikes with movies and shows, and you’d be able to make for a successful guess. Wrap it all up nicely and throw it in a mix of foods and drinks in stylish Christmas gifts for teachers’ hamper for that special touch.

If this doesn’t sound like something they would like either, then how about you treat them to a spa gift card? They need all the relaxation they can get, after all, for dealing with kids. Treat them to fancy nails at the fancy nail salon too, and you can bet it would be a gift to remember.