3 Easy Ways to Test a New Online Store Before You Buy

In an era where the impact of inflation is becoming a significant concern for consumers and everyone is on the hunt for budget-friendly deals, online shopping has become the go-to solution. But here’s the catch: the internet is a double-edged sword. It’s full of trustworthy websites offering quality products at great prices, but it’s also a breeding ground for scams. If you’re exploring a new online store and thinking about buying something, how can you be sure it’s legit?

This article uncovers three simple steps to check the reliability of a new online store, helping you find deals without losing money.

1. Check Online Reviews

If you’ve never ordered anything from a website before, even if you’ve heard of the site or seen ads for it, check for online reviews. There is likely to be a bit of something for virtually every company under the sun. There’s always someone who thinks their soup was too cold or the service was too slow.

Look for big reoccurring problems that show up in online reviews. Customers not getting what they ordered? A terrible return policy? These are obvious problems that should restrain you from ordering in that online shop.

2. Look for Contact Information

A reputable company will have contact information listed, knowing that 44% of website visitors will leave the site if there is no contact information on it. Often, there are many different ways you can get in touch with the company. If you’re suspicious about a company, do a quick search to find the phone number and address of the company.

Addresses are a bit harder to find at times since so many online businesses aren’t in a brick-and-mortar store, but you should be able to find a phone number. You might even call the number just to see what happens. Get a person? That’s a good sign. Get a busy signal? It could be suspect. Get an out-of-order message? You’d probably avoid purchasing from them.

3. Try a Sample Order

This can be a hard one as it involves patience and waiting, but it is a good test for many fraudulent websites or online stores. If you are interested in spending a lot of money on an unknown website, hold off a bit. Rather than place a giant order – even if it’s the deal of a century – try ordering something much smaller first. Buy $10 something before you make a big purchase.

If you have to wait more than just a few days for your $10 something to arrive, you might have a problem. If your cheap item arrives and it isn’t what you ordered and isn’t even close to what you thought you paid for, you have the answers you need. If, on the other hand, you have a decent experience with the cheap item, you now have something new and fun to enjoy and a bit more confidence in the store for the big items you’re getting ready to purchase.

Leveling Up Your Online Shopping Game

As online shopping becomes increasingly popular, it is vital to be careful when ordering from new online stores. Checking online reviews, verifying contact information, and making a sample order are three smart steps to know if a store is legit. These methods will help you lower the risks and ensure that your hard-earned money is spent wisely.

As online scams become more common, it is crucial to be a smart consumer. Remember, being a savvy online shopper isn’t just about finding killer deals; it’s about making sure you don’t let scammers trick you.