The Basics Of LASIK Eye Surgery

In an effort to get rid of the inconvenience associated with wearing glasses or contact lenses, today more and more people resort to the help of a surgeon.

LASIK eye surgery can reduce or completely eliminate nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. Most often, such operations are performed using special excimer lasers. During the operation, the laser removes the thinnest layer of corneal tissue, which causes flattening of the cornea and allows light rays in the eye to gather closer to, or directly on the retina.

The laser method is by far one of the most effective and most common methods for the treatment of myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism today. The view is corrected by changing the shape of the cornea.

During the correction, as a result of the effect of the manipulation on the layers of the cornea with a laser beam, they are given the shape of a “natural lens”, with individual parameters for each patient.

Indications for the treatment of myopia and hyperopia with the help of excimer laser vision correction are determined individually for each patient, based on a complete diagnostic examination, and also taking into account the age, general condition, and professional activity of a person.

Individual approach

The modern LASIK technique implies custom LASIK for the treatment of diseases of the organs of vision. Before direct vision correction with a laser beam, a LASIK surgeon conducts a thorough examination, which allows identifying the degree of the disease.

All data obtained as a result of diagnostics are entered into a computer, which calculates the parameters of laser exposure to the inner layers of the cornea of the eye. This allows you to achieve maximum accuracy of vision correction.

The main advantages of the LASIK technique (LASIK) include:

1. The LASIK technique allows you to quickly restore vision (in just 40 seconds). The rehabilitation period does not exceed 2 hours, and after this time a person can do their usual activities, but without glasses or contact lenses.

2. The operation is tolerated by the patient painlessly, and the effect of the laser on the eye is practically not felt.

3. Laser correction is recognized as one of the safest ways to treat farsightedness, myopia, and astigmatism. The operation of the laser is controlled by a computer program, where all the data of preliminary examinations are entered.

4. The LASIK technique is characterized by stable results. More than one and a half thousand people annually improve the quality of vision with the help of laser treatment.

5. Thanks to the high-tech LASIK technique, it became possible to treat both eyes during the operation, while with other methods of vision correction, the operation is first performed on one, and after 1 or 2 days – on the second eyeball.

Limitations of LASIK laser vision correction

Despite the undeniable advantages, LASIK has several limitations:

1. Age group of patients – from 18 to 45 years. This is due to the fact that the development of the eye and the progression of myopia lasts until the cessation of the development of the organism, which occurs at the age of 18. After 45, the body is subject to age-related changes, and the appropriateness of the correction is determined by the attending ophthalmologist.

2. Not performed with myopia with a value of more than 12 diopters, astigmatism, and hyperopia of more than 6 diopters.

3. If the cornea is thin or flat.

4. Correction is not carried out during pregnancy and until the end of lactation. It is best to have surgery either before conception or after breastfeeding is over.

Achieving a high and positive result of LASIK vision correction is possible only if the medical intervention is performed by an ophthalmologist with relevant practical experience, exclusively under sterile conditions and using the latest generation of instruments.

In order to carry out the procedure, it is necessary to obtain the appropriate permission from the ophthalmologist-surgeon, which is issued on the basis of a complete ophthalmological examination.

For many years now, the LASIK technique has allowed people to look at the world not through glasses, but with their own completely healthy eyes. Reading books, driving a car and many other daily activities will never require optical vision correction (contact lenses, glasses).

LASIK is the highest quality, reliable, effective, and safe method of restoring vision today. LASIK cost may vary depending on your problem and the doctor’s experience. Therefore, compare all the factors necessary for you and boldly change your vision and life.