things avoid when travelling to russia

Things You Should Avoid When Travelling to Russia

A rich history, culture and beauty of a place attract tourists. Russia is one such country, which has amazing records to impress the tourists. It is one of the largest countries in the world and packed with numerous tourist spots. After all, a true traveller can’t miss such a nation that has awesome scenery, exotic tradition, beautiful forests which are stuffed with wildlife, artistic monuments and of course a very rich past.

A trip to Russia can be a good score for your travel records. There are countless options for the travellers and you will be confused about what to choose and what to leave. You can visit the sites at a very sustainable cost and with a Russian Visa.

To make your journey remarkable, best you should hire a tourists guide. They would know more about their own country and will guide you accordingly. To explore the awesomeness of the nation, first, you need to step into Russia, Visa will be you’re medium to enter the nation and then the guide will be along. First, you must be aware of a few things that the tourists should never do in Russia:

You can’t whistle indoors

Whistling is no more related to your happy mood, but it’s related to bad luck. In Russia, people avoid whistling inside their houses to avoid misfortune. Find some other way to express your happiness or tune your favourite song. The Russians believe that whistling can lead to losing money and no one would let that happen at any cost. So follow the rule to avoid any judgemental look within the four walls.

You can’t sit by the corner of a table

You will have to deal with another superstition which is practised in Russia – the Russians believe that no one should sit at the corner of a table, especially a single lady. They’ve taken the concept too seriously that you will find out Russians moving fast toward the table in restaurants or pubs to avoid sitting at the corner. It’s believed that if you do so, then you might die single and never find a partner. No one would be accepting that fact right.

Avoid shaking hands with gloves on

You can’t keep your hands warm all the time because in Russia shaking hands with bare skin is encouraged to represent generosity and an act of showing respect. Be ready to take off your gloves every time you shake hands with someone. Don’t let people judge you in this foreign country. This is one of the important rules in Russia.

Not taking part in toasts

A party is nothing without a toast. One of the important parts of Russian culture is that you must take part in the toasts with everyone. It’s good to know everything beforehand because you must party hard and make the trip memorable. By doing this you will be giving respect to their culture and this might be a great chance to show generosity as a tourist.

Say no to money exchange in the evening

There might be some situation where you need some money or you need to pay back some money to your Russian friend. The best thing to do in this situation is, avoid any kind of transaction. You might be a new tourist in their country, but Russians are very serious about their values and norms.

Never argue with a Russian Babushki

We have learned to love and show respect to old people. In Russia, old grannies are called Babushki and they are the most respected member of society. The Russians take them very seriously; never even think that you know better than them. The power lies in their hand, you will have to maintain decency with the Babushkies.

If you ever meet any Russian granny on your trip, make sure that you can do the best from your side to show them respect. After all, we learn something new every day and it’s not bad to respect someone.

The trip shouldn’t be memorable to you but let the people you met in Russia remember you too. The best part about travelling is that you learn something new every day and let others know about the place where you belong. With the above-mentioned tips, you’re going to add some value to your foreign trip. Don’t just enjoy the tourist sites but win the hearts of Russians too.

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