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7 Frugal Living Tips To Help You Save Money

There are many ways for you to save money when you choose to live a frugal lifestyle. Although saving money may not be a priority for some people, you never know when a financial emergency can happen; and during such times, having savings will be a big help.

If this reason still does not make sense to you, then it is time you sit down and ask yourself the importance of having savings. Being prepared for an emergency is one of the reasons why you need to have savings. It also gives you peace of mind and security.

A great way to save money is to live a frugal lifestyle, which entails becoming more strict and disciplined with how you spend your money. Making a list of priorities and spending on items that matter most to you will allow you to cut costs on unnecessary purchases, therefore, allowing you to save money in the long run.

Here are seven tips on how you can achieve a frugal lifestyle to help you save money.

1. Budgeting

The effectiveness of having a budget is sticking to it. Come up with a budget, and eliminate expenses that are not necessary. If you are serious about saving up money, then budgeting is one of the key things to do.

If you buy what you do not need, you will end up selling what you need. Therefore create a budget that works for you. Do not deny yourself too much in the process. If you are thinking of purchasing an item, start saving early so that you can avoid going over your budget.

To cover everything under your budget, you can visit for discounts you can utilize.

2. Start a Meal Plan

Preparing food at home will always be cheaper compared with ordering it from outside. Having a meal plan will prepare you mentally for the type of meals that you will have. Another good thing about having meal plans is that you can plan how much you will spend on food.

At times, laziness may creep in, and you may be tempted to just order food delivery. Make sure to stock your refrigerator with different types of food that will last you a couple of days so that during your “lazy” days, you can just go to your refrigerator and find something to eat.

3. Make Use of Online Coupons

In many cases, groceries are usually expensive, but you can always check out store weekly ads to find ideal online coupons that usually give product discounts. Buying products with a discount will allow you to save up more cash than you can imagine.

Online coupons like Sam’s Club coupon also sell products with offers and sometimes if you are lucky, you may purchase your groceries at a 50% price cut.

4. Walk When You Can

Instead of taking a taxi or a bus, you should go walking when you can. It is a great way to save money while also helping you to keep fit and healthy, thus killing one bird with two stones.

Walking long distances may seem tiring at first, but after a few days, you will get used to it and find it enjoyable. Try wearing your earbuds if you will feel lonely and make sure to watch out for vehicles and other moving things on the road.

5. Sell What You Do Not Need

Your house is not a warehouse. Organize a garage sale and get rid of items that you no longer need. You can add the money you will get from selling your stuff to your savings. Another plus side is that you can declutter and create more room in your house.

6. Use LED Light Bulbs

LED light bulbs are known for their energy-saving properties and they also last longer compared to normal light bulbs. You will be paying less for electricity bills and also making very few replacements on the bulbs.

7. Switch Up Your Forms of Entertainment

Instead of going out to the movie house every Friday evening, you can just Netflix and chill. If you like having company, invite your friends over for a watch party!

You can start living a healthy lifestyle too. Instead of going out to a party every weekend and spending money on drinks, you can drink a glass of smoothie while doing yoga at home.

Having fun does not need to be expensive. You can spend your free time reading books and improve your knowledge at the same time. You can also do community service if you want to be more active and contribute to your community.


These frugal living tips may not always be fun at the start, and you may want to just forget about them at times, but remember that these tips will help you save money for your future. Once you decide that you want to live a more frugal lifestyle, all you need to do is to remain committed and disciplined. You’ll be saving up money in no time!

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