5 Best Tools for Instagram Analytics to Use in 2021

According to Instagram engagement levels, the platform has the greatest engagement rates of any social media site on the internet, making it an essential marketing resource for building brand visibility and promoting enthusiasm around your firm.

Using the finest Instagram analytics tools to obtain the insights you need for your ads yields the maximum return on investment.

Using the same concept as in other marketing channels, you may target your Instagram marketing efforts by understanding who you’re attempting to target and how to do it.

Because Instagram has over 500 million users, you have to put in more effort on Instagram.

Instagram analytics tools will help you adjust your campaigns as you go, with the additional benefit of gathering market intelligence. If one campaign fails, you may get many insights that will help you do better for the next try.

Many tools are unique, but when you’re sifting through a sea of alternatives, you might simply want to close your eyes and choose anything at random.

We have discussed some of the best tools below which are usually paid. However, if you want a free then Pikdo can be a good option.

Best Tools for Instagram Analytics

1. SocialFox

SocialFox provides the proper tools to launch an effective Instagram campaign, which will help you obtain the results you desire. The three price tiers in SocialFox enable you to select what’s most appropriate for your business.

For example, you may track up to 25 different metrics with SocialFox, plus you can make all the settings just for you, such as identifying the most popular posts on a specific timeframe or for certain demographics.

You may utilize SocialFox to uncover details about your account’s readership, including information about your target market.

It is possible to track your engagement to discover what inspires your followers, such as filters, number of posts, hashtags, and profile content, and then use that information to increase your visibility, build your brand awareness, and foster long-term relationships with your loyal Instagram followers.

As well as discovering what your rivals are doing on Instagram, you can study what they’ve accomplished, as well as any mistakes they’ve made. You’ll have a clearer understanding of your company’s standing when you do so.

Finally, the SocialFox platform showcases a real-time visual representation of your social activity to produce socially branded graphs and charts that graphically depict followers gained and lost, clicks, and engagement, all in real-time.

2. Brandwatch

Once you have completed building your Instagram following, one of the best ways to broaden your brand’s reach is via Brandwatch. Instagram analytics are listed on our list because that’s all it does, but it’s also doing a lot more.

Brandwatch watches the internet and social media all around the clock, responding to new developments as they occur.

A demonstration of Brandwatch’s products is requested as part of the sign-up process, and your account is personalized to fit your company goals.

A benefit of this strategy is that you’ll only be purchasing things you need. When you take into account all the add-ons, the a la carte price might cost quite a bit.

In other words, if you’re searching for an analytics tool that has all of the online data you’ll ever need, makes it accessible and user-friendly, and provides you full customization, Brandwatch is your best bet.

3. Keyhole

Similar to Brandwatch, Keyhole offers transparent pricing à la carte. As the number of features increases, the lower the cost of each, and assistance may be fully integrated as well.

You will also have the opportunity to experience Keyhole before you decide to use it, with a seven-day free trial that gives you access to a restricted version of the entire corporate suite.

Innovative, simple to understand, deliver insights that serve several purposes.

Another great example of the type of functionality it provides is that it maintains track of your social media accounts, such as Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter, and notifies you whenever your company is mentioned on hundreds of websites, news sources, and blogs.

In addition, it allows you unrestricted access to campaign reports that help you construct an ongoing campaign that consistently excels, as well as tracking information on your rivals and identifying influencers who are almost certain to draw in your audience.

4. Hootsuite

One of the most recognized social media management applications is Hootsuite. A Forbes article claims that over 800 Fortune 1000 corporations are using the program.

Even people who have a long-term interest in Hootsuite will have to spend time studying the program. However, the firm will also take care of you. For $99, you may learn to utilize the company’s social media platform. Alternatively, for $249, you may attend an advanced social media advertising course.

You will receive the versatility, analytics, team productivity, and post-management that you may dream of when you subscribe to Hootsuite’s services.

It also provides you with a granular level of understanding of your social media performance, which includes learning more about what it will take to develop your brand visibility and client loyalty.

Other than statistics, Hootsuite also assists with social media management. This software enables you to come up with postings that others will want to read and to schedule them for later usage.

When you pick various sites, such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and YouTube, Hootsuite will automatically post for you.

All major features are included in the basic level of service, and you receive analytics and scheduling for up to 10 profiles for that fee.

5. Iconosquare

Instead of having to go to many websites to communicate with your social media followers, you can use Iconosquare to automate your tracking for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, which saves you time in the long run.

Iconosquare records all your tags and mentions provides metrics on your influence and compares your company to your rivals so you know where you stand.

It helps you manage all of your postings across social media from one location. Once you’ve published your article, you can add it to the calendar, change the look and feel on every platform, and Iconosquare will take care of the rest.

While Iconosquare does not cover every feature, it works in a wide range of capacities and is one of the most comprehensive social media analytics programs available.

Social media management is a great fit for small- to medium-sized organizations that also require assistance with social media analytics.