Top 5 Cozy Mysteries Which Can Improve Your Mood

• Fireplace!
• Idyllic countryside!
• Amature Sleuth!
• A Murder!

That is all you need in order to make the perfect cozy mystery for your afternoon read.

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Books Handpicked For You!

Here are some of the cozy mysteries which can be your perfect companion on a rainy Saturday afternoon. Just get the hot chocolate brewing!

1. Scottish Bookshop Mysteries – Paige Shelton

For any bookwork, being hired in a small town cozy bookstore is like a dream come true. That is exactly what happened with Delaney in a rare manuscript shop. Not only was it a bookstore, but it was a bookstore with rare unread manuscripts. Something to dive into for hours on end.

She was getting pain from it!

What could be better than that, right?

This is why things take a strange turn. When she arrived in Scotland and went to her job location, she was sure about two things.

• The book was exactly how she imagined it (it was perfect).
• It was nothing less than working in a museum with priceless artifacts.

Soon she got a hold of how important these manuscripts are and how people are almost ready to kill to get a hold of these rare artifacts.

2. Agatha Raisin Mysteries – MC Beaton

This is another great pick when you are not feeling that great and just wish to dive into the simple lives of the English countryside.

However, that is exactly why our protagonist Agatha Raisin took early retirement from her London PR firm and moved to Carsley. A small English countryside. But, things didn’t remain that peaceful from the very beginning when she accidentally involved herself in the knot of a poisonous murder.

But, her quiche caused that murder!

Is it?

To know more, you have to read it. This has all the elements of cozy mysteries, from cottage life to gossiping neighbors and, of course, an unexpected murder.

3. The Vampire Knitting Club – Nancy Warren

If the last book is about the village of Carsley, then this has something much more stored for you. In the countryside of Oxford, there is not just a murder mystery but elements of the supernatural in the idyllic village.

When Lucy Swift decided that the only way she could get over her horrible relationship and traveled to her grandmother, her life took an interesting turn. She joined her grandmother’s knitting club, only to discover that her grandmother had been dead and was not a vampire.

Who killed her?

Lucy has to discover this, but can she trust everyone in the village?

4. Midwinter Murder – Agatha Christie

We cannot end a cozy mystery list without adding one Agatha Christie to the pile. The Midwinter Murder is not just a novel but a short story of some of Christie’s finest work.

As the chilly seasons have started to approach, you can find yourself in need of some winter murder mysteries. That is exactly what this book offers. Manor houses, winter dinners, blazing fireplaces, and frosted windows from hails.

But, there is mystery brewing in every corner of these cozy spaces. Give it a read; it will feel like you are right there.

5. The Booktown Mysteries – Lorna Barrett

Cozy mysteries and bookstores were some of the best things you could want for a weekend afternoon.

‘The streets of Stoneham, New Hampshire, are lined with bookstores and paved with murder.’

This Amazon description is enough to pull you right into the pages of this book. There is something about a previous big city dweller coming into a small town and being immediately brawled into a murder.

This is what happens to Tricia Miles when she moves to Stoneham. Popularly known as the town of bookstores. Having a love for books themselves and the peace they bring, she opens her book store.

But, what happens when there is a murdered individual right on the floor of her newly opened bookstore, and she is the prime suspect? Not so idyllic after all!

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