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4 Things to Know About Training Protection Dogs

Safety is at a premium in the United States, so much so that wealthy individuals purchase $150,000 guard dogs for personal protection. You don’t need to spend a small fortune to get protection from a trained guard dog if you know how to train one yourself. Protection dogs protect you and your family from societal threats that could harm your children.

Some breeds are better suited than others to act as protection dogs, but you can still train a dog to look for threats and alert you to danger. You’ll regain the safety you crave when walking at night so you can get more from life.

The good news is that you’ve discovered this helpful guide filled with four tips to train a guard dog for your family’s safety. Continue reading to add a trained guard dog to your family today!

1. Use Obedience Commands

The first step toward training protection dogs for your family is to teach them obedience commands. Your guard dog should sit, lie down, and come on command after you’re finished with the training process. Another sign that your dog understands obedience commands is when it barks on command and leaves people or things alone when commanded.

You’ll only be able to teach your police canine new commands if basic obedience commands are followed 100 percent of the time. Avoid turning your family pet into a protection dog if these commands don’t work. You can also hire protection dog services to add more furry security to your home.

2. Socialize Your Dog

The best protection dogs are also highly socialized. Socialization exposes dogs to different environments and situations so they’re not afraid if something dangerous unfolds. It’s best to socialize your police dog during the first 16 weeks of its life.

Your guard dog should recognize a typical citizen and separate these people from threats. Allow your guard dog to investigate strange objects to determine threat levels.

3. Teach Your Dog to Defend You

The most crucial role of a guard dog is to defend you and your family. Find a friend with a crazy streak to act as a “stranger” who walks up to you and your dog and confronts you. Your dog should bark, and the friend should run off to help your dog gain more confidence.

4. Teach Your Dog to Back Off

It’s also critical that your dog knows how to back off after scaring a threat away. You want your guard dog to become willing to protect you, but they should also understand to back off when the situation is resolved. Tell your dog to “leave it” to prevent further damage and de-escalate the situation.

Start Training Your Protection Dogs Today

Training protection dogs is one of the most effective ways to keep your family safe from intruders and people who wish them harm. Start training your guard dog with basic commands, and move on to socialization when your dog obeys 100 percent of the time. Help your dog build confidence by scaring a fake “threat” away, and teach it to back off when the situation is over.

Are you ready to add a new layer of security to your daily life? Read more health, wellness, and pet blog content to protect your family and provide a brighter future!

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