Why Turning Your Social Media Feed Into A Photo Book Is A Good Idea

If you thought social media was only for posting your nights out and sharing cute puppies, it’s time to update that notion. More people are using them as a professional tool to find new opportunities, make new partnerships, and share special moments of their lives. After all, over half of the world’s population is on at least one social media site today.

Come with us and check a few reasons why you should pay more attention to the photos you post on your Facebook and Instagram.

What’s A Photo Book?

Back in the good old days, photo books were actually physical books, with photographs glued onto the pages. A photo book based on your feed collects pictures you’ve posted, likes, comments, and statuses. Typically, photo album websites give their clients plenty of editing tools and previews.

Many photo books are automatically generated by AI software trained to find your year’s big highlights. This kind of software searches your feed history for elements that match simple queries. These include “who”, “where”, “when”, or “what”. Additionally, efficient photo book software also organizes pictures that are likely to belong to the same event.

It’s possible to create a photobook mixing elements from different social media platforms. The software also crops tags, maps, and texts to make a final and printable result. Users still have the opportunity to edit it, reorganize, and request the insertion of specific content that might be left aside by the AI.

Making Memories

Facebook was launched in 2004, and Instagram was established in 2010. So, you’ve been there since the beginning; it’s only natural that you have dozens of photos. However, we all know how social media works. We post a photo of a special moment, and people will love it: there will be loads of likes and comments. Yet, this picture is heading to oblivion soon, as the news feed never stops rolling down.

Turning this kind of memory into a photobook is one of the coolest ways to preserve it. Better still, it’s possible to deal with a large number of pictures, thanks to AI software. Your final touch is indispensable for a truly personalized result. Yet, you probably wouldn’t do a better job recollecting all the special moments on your feed.

Some people create these books but don’t even print them. Instead, they post it on their blogs or personal pages so others can also follow their lives through social media. Now, to create a great-looking photobook, you should also mind the quality of the pictures you choose. A photo book based on high-quality sources can look very professional.

Say “Cheese”!

There are plenty of reasons for creating a photo book, and many of them revolve around cherishing beautiful memories. They’re easy to create and make great memorials to leave in your living room or post on your blog. Sharing a book with the year’s highlights can be an efficient marketing tool if you use social media for business purposes. Create a preview for free today, so you can have an idea of what you can do with it.