types of storage units

What Are The Types Of Storage Units?

Storage units are incredibly versatile and useful places in which you can keep a variety of items and belongings.

From vehicles to hobby equipment, they offer a secure and safe place to store your items outside of your home. This makes them perfect for those who are pushed for space but want to keep items instead of donating them, those who are moving house and need somewhere to store boxes, or if you are a collector of wine and need somewhere to keep your bottles in optimum conditions.

Whatever your requirements, storage units have plenty of additional features to tailor them to what you need.

Sizes of unit

Units vary in size, so it is useful to know what you want to use it for and how to properly pack it before you begin renting one. In general, the smallest is a 5×5 unit which is about 25 square feet, and this size can fit items such as a small bookshelf, coffee tables, or a box spring mattress. The largest size is 10×30, which is 300 square feet and can fit the contents of a four-bedroom home.

Renting the right size unit for your needs will help you save money by not paying for more than you need. Units can be paid for monthly, which makes them really flexible, and if you find you need more or less space, you can change your unit easily.

Vehicle storage

One category of storage unit is for vehicles. These are great options if you do not have access to parking at your home or you have a classic or antique car that you do not use frequently and need to be kept safe and secure.

Many people use storage units for RV storage, as they offer a place to keep the vehicle when it is not being used and helps to protect it from damage from other people or the environment. Vehicle storage varies, from a space in a secure parking lot to a covered lot for an RV to keeping a jet ski or motorbike inside a unit.

Climate control

Some storage units allow you to control the temperature and humidity within the unit, which is ideal for storing delicate items or belongings. This type of unit is commonly used to store wine, as the smallest changes in temperature, humidity, or movement can have a negative effect on the wine, and many people do not have access to a wine cellar at their homes.

Additional features

Units have additional features which can help make them even more useful. For example, you may choose a unit with drive-up access, which means that you can drive your vehicle straight into the unit and park it as if it were a garage.

There may also be the option of 24-hour access, which is really useful for those who frequently use the contents of the unit. Knowing what you want to use the unit for will help you make sure to pick a unit that fits all your requirements.

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