30 Wholesome Valentine’s Day Wishes for Sisters

The bond you share with your sister is one of a kind. Even if you disagree and fight all the time, you love each other unconditionally. A sister might not always tell you how much she loves you. However, she will be there for you through thick and thin. This day is also a great time to gift her a unique and thoughtful present – like a PrintedMemories best friend photo book. Looking back at your memories with her will surely be one of the sweetest moments.

So this February 14th, aside from expressing your love toward your boyfriend or girlfriend, why don’t you also show some gratitude to your sister? Here are 30 Valentine’s Day wishes for sisters that will put a smile on her face!

Valentine’s Day Wishes for Little Sisters

#1. “I may not be able to solve all of your complications, but I won’t let you face them alone. Happy Valentine’s Day to my sweetest sis.”

#2. “She’s my little sister — mine to torture and mine to protect. Happy Valentine’s day, sis!”

#3. “I know that my greatest blessing of this life was receiving you as a sister. Your presence is a true grace, and your friendship is a divine gift. I love you, sis!”

#4. “Back in time, it seemed that having a sister was a tragedy. Instead, it is one of the best presents my parents could have ever given me. I love you, lil’ sis.”

#5. “I made a promise to God on Valentine’s Day that nothing terrible will ever happen to you under my watch because you are my cute little sister.”

#6. “Happy Valentine’s Day, little sis! I really love you, which is kind of amazing, considering how annoying you were when we were growing up.”

Valentine’s Day Wishes for Big Sisters

#7. “Happy Valentine’s Day, sis!

Thanks for being my inspiration,

thanks for being my hope,

among all my lovely relations

I will rank ours at the top.”

#8. “You were not just a part of my happy childhood; you were the reason behind all the happiness. I love you, sister.”

#9. “Roses are red

Violets are blue

I’m lucky to have

A sister like you

Happy Valentine’s Day!”

#10. “As an older sister, you are very much like my second mom, who protects me from every unforeseen danger. Happy Valentine’s Day to my guiding angel.”

#11. “I haven’t always had a mister, but I’ve always had a sister. Happy Valentine’s Day, big sister! I love you!”

#12. “I always looked up to you when I was younger, and now… well, not much has changed! Happy Valentine’s Day, big sis!”

#13. “Happy Valentine’s Day to my first friend in the world, my big sister.”

#14. “I have been stupid to have hated you, but you always forgave me and made me a better person. Love you forever! Happy Valentine’s Day.”

Valentine’s Day Wishes for Sisters Who Fight a Lot

#15. “I don’t say it much, but you’re cool, sis. There, you happy now? Happy Valentine’s Day.”

#16. “We are definitely sisters. I’m the wonderful one, and you’re the other one. See, life is good! Happy Valentine’s Day.”

#17. “Having a sister hasn’t always been easy. Or fun. Or tolerable. But you know what? I kind of love you now. Happy Valentine’s Day, sis!”

#18. “A sister loves you from the heart. No matter how much you fight, you cannot be drawn apart. Happy Valentine’s Day, sister!”

#19. “You’ve always trusted me, and

I’ve always been less than trustworthy

When it came to your stuff, but for some reason,

You never thought so. What are you, blind or something???

Happy Valentine’s Day to My Sister”

Funny Valentine’s Day Wishes for Sisters Who Could Use a Laugh

#20. “My sister is like chocolate — sometimes nutty, but always sweet! Happy Valentine’s day, sis!”

#21. “If they would have given me a choice, I would, most likely, have still chosen you to be my sister. Happy Valentine’s Day!”

#22. “Everyone thinks you’re so sweet, don’t they, sis? Well, everyone is right! Happy Valentine’s Day!”

#23. “You’re on my mind and in my heart, and you have always been so sweet. May your Valentine’s be just like you, and may you get plenty of yummy treats! Happy Valentine’s Day!”

#24. “You used to be cute. What happened, dear sister? Look at you. You’re not cute anymore. I’m sorry, but I can’t use the word cute now. I have to say — you are gorgeous! Happy Valentine’s Day!”

#25. “My sister is like a rose: lovely, graceful, and sometimes, a bit prickly. Hope you have a great Valentine’s Day, sis!”

#26. “Crushes would be so useless if you didn’t have a sister to tell about them to. I am blessed to have you, my sweet sister. It is like having a part of childhood preserved forever. Happy Valentine’s Day!”

#27. “A sister is like a hero who you can count on. You could beat the Avengers any day. Happy Valentine’s Day, my Wonder Woman!”

#28. “Sisters have a unique relationship that people who have not loved someone unconditionally find impossible to decipher. Thanks for being the Tom to my Jerry. Happy Valentine’s Day!”

#29. “As high as the sky

As bright as the stars

Is the love of sisters

May we always be this close

Happy Valentine’s Day”

#30. “Sometimes, I find myself missing our childhood, the moments when we fought over the toys, the wind hitting our faces as we ran after each other. Happy Valentine’s Day, dearest sister.”


Even if you can’t seem to find common ground with your sister, the bond you have will always be strong. In fact, I think it might even be stronger than the bond you have with your parents. Just think about it — you’ve shared most of your life with your sister. And even though you’re quite different people now, you’ll always share your childhood memories. Suffice to say, no one will ever know you as well as your sister does.

So what are you waiting for? Tell your sister how much you love her using one of these creative Valentine’s Day wishes for sisters.