Various Types Of Theft And The Most Effective Legal Assistance

Theft is a serious crime involving the unlawful taking or using of another person’s property. You will be charged with petty or grand larceny if you are arrested for theft. These two key categories cover different types of theft, including grand larceny, petty shoplifting, fraud, and robbery.

These crimes have the same characteristics, but there are minor differences and different types of criminal punishment if a person is found guilty of these offenses. Here’s a quick overview of the types of theft and how criminal legal services can help you. Currently, the most common crimes are crimes that cause property damage. We may encounter theft cases in the store, on the street, or in the office.

In many cases, a person accused of committing this common crime needs qualified legal assistance. In this case, you should contact experienced lawyers specializing in protecting the rights of persons charged with theft. Such experienced specialists provide all types of legal and advocacy services, and they provide professional advice, defend innocently accused persons, and find mitigating circumstances for theft charges.

Petty theft, its features, and grand theft with its nuances, what is their difference?

The critical difference between petty and grand theft is the value of the stolen property. You can be charged with petit larceny if you steal less than $950 in money or property. Petty larceny is a criminal offense punishable by up to six months in prison and a fine of up to $1,000 on the person charged with petit larceny, depending on the circumstances in which the petit larceny was committed.

Grand theft is money or property worth more than $950. Grand theft in California is called a “wobbler.” This means you could be charged with a felony. If you are found guilty of this crime, the maximum penalty is three years in prison and a fine of up to $1,000.


Robbery is a theft that occurs through physical force or threats to obtain property or money. This criminal offense is often punished more severely than ordinary theft due to the additional danger that this crime poses to the victims.

Criminal armed robbery

The use of any weapon (gun, knife, or another weapon) during a robbery is called armed robbery. An armed robbery conviction carries much more severe criminal consequences than a petty or grand larceny conviction. In different states, the sentences range from three to nine years in prison.


Embezzlement is the acquisition by an authorized person of property (money or movable property) for their illegal purchase. This crime often occurs in working conditions, enterprises, or large business environments.

Fraud phenomena

A fraud charge is one in which the accused person is accused of having committed a theft that occurred by the fraud victim fraudulently giving their own money or property to the criminal under pretenses. Fraud is a non-violent method of stealing money or property.

The phenomenon of shoplifting

This crime involves the theft of various types of goods from retail stores. Shoplifting is one of California’s most common property crimes and carries a mandatory fine of $50 to $1,000 and up to 6 months in jail.

Deliberate possession of the previously stolen property

In California, it is illegal to buy, receive, harbor, or sell property that is known to have been stolen in any way. Trading in stolen goods can be prosecuted as a criminal offense.

Issuance of improper checks

To be convicted of fraudulent check writing, you must knowingly attempt to write and use a check from an account you know insufficient funds to defraud the creditor.

Illegal possession of a car

The process of stealing a car consists of knowingly stealing or attempting to steal a car. This crime includes the theft of cars, trucks, buses, motorcycles, trailers, and other vehicles for their unlawful possession.

Have you been accused of theft? It is worth seeking help from qualified lawyers who can provide practical legal assistance.

Whether you are accused of petty theft or grand theft, building your team of theft lawyers is essential to defend your rights. A crime like theft involves many important factors, and it is almost impossible to protect against the charge without the help of an attorney on your side. With your freedom at stake, choosing the best attorneys is one of the most important decisions you will ever make.

It is essential to choose the services of specialists with experience in defending clients in criminal cases in California. Attorneys must work hard to challenge the evidence against you and develop an effective defense strategy to reduce or dismiss the charges against you. The prosecutor must prove that you intended to steal property or money and stole it. All theft charges have many effective defenses, and experienced defense attorneys have the resources to pursue them.

Services of experienced lawyers specializing in theft cases

To begin with, let’s understand the concept of this crime and how it differs from other crimes. According to current criminal legislation, theft is taking someone else’s property or money. Secrecy is defined by the criminal committing the crime invisibly for others or believing they do not see it. Theft is considered illegal theft of property, even if the victims or other persons are drunk or asleep and do not realize that a crime is being committed against their property.

A person aware of all his actions during the commission of this crime can be prosecuted for theft. In case of theft, a person may be held administratively and criminally liable. It all depends on the scale of the theft. In such cases, a theft lawyer is needed since he is the one who gives an accurate description of the nature of the crime.

For example, if up to $950 is stolen, the relevant person will be held administratively liable and receive a fine. In this case, we are talking about petty theft. If the theft was committed for more than 950 dollars, such a crime can be punished by imprisonment. In this case, the offender will need a lawyer because there is already responsibility in the form of fines, corrective work, arrest, or imprisonment.

When determining the composition of the crime, a qualified theft lawyer must correctly classify the crime and comprehensively study the case materials to help the client as much as possible from the legal side. Every case is unique; theft lawyers need to know how to build a defense for the accused party properly.

If you have already committed this crime, the main thing is not to harm yourself and choose quality legal services. If you have been wrongfully accused of theft that you did not commit, fight for the truth and entrust the case to experienced theft lawyers. If you are charged with theft, it is essential to:

  • Do not panic and do not make rash decisions;
  • Not to enter into any conflict with victims or witnesses;
  • Do not sign any legal documents without their careful study by a qualified lawyer;
  • Seek legal advice from an appropriate theft specialist as soon as possible.

What does a theft lawyer do, and how can he help a person accused of this crime?

If you are notified of suspicion or called for questioning, you should know what to say and how to act. After all, every thoughtless word and deed can play against you. Therefore, you should already have a reliable professional – a theft specialist. In such cases, more than a simple consultation with a theft lawyer is needed. Expert help and additional legal support are required.

In the criminal proceedings of a person suspected of theft, a qualified lawyer must actively work and can start work at any time after signing the contract with the client or his relative. Theft is a property crime. A theft lawyer participates in procedural actions necessary to adequately protect the client and his interests.

During the conduct of all processes, special knowledge is required because lawyers participate in the initiation of various types of statements, petitions, investigative actions, court hearings, and investigations; for this, you need to contact qualified specialists who have experience in these cases. Clients’ interests should be represented by lawyers dealing with theft cases and having experience accompanying court accusations.

Such specialists must know all the nuances of criminal justice, thus, be able to prove their experience in defense of the accused party. If necessary and possible, the theft lawyer takes measures to qualify the crime and vice versa, depending on the client’s goal. Legal assistance in case of suspected theft is significant. Upon receiving a suspicion, contact a criminal defense attorney who will help you gather evidence to disprove guilt (if the person is innocent).

Conduct a thorough review of compliance by law enforcement officials with the principles of legality and the rule of law, search for witnesses, prepare the necessary motions, and other critical legal procedures to refute the charges brought against you. The list of legal services in this category is practically unlimited. Do not try to prove your innocence yourself; it is better to entrust it to professionals immediately.