Board & Batten Vertical Vinyl Siding: Things to Keep in Mind During the Installation

Have you always thought that it is possible to use horizontal vinyl siding only? What about vertical or “board and batten” siding? The horizontal option isn’t the only one. Board and batten siding has many advantages. One of them is the great architectural style. There is an impressive range of textures and colors to choose from.

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How to Install Board and Batten Siding: Step-by-Step Instructions

Here are the tips you should follow when installing vertical vinyl siding.

• First of all, you should try to level the surface. For this, you need to take care of the installation of furring strips. One more possible option to use is nail-able sheathing.

• Next, you are recommended to establish the base. How can you do this? It’s as easy as ABC. You need to take chalk and a level. They must be used to get the horizontal starting point. It’s important to install corner posts if you want to obtain excellent leveled siding. Here is one more point to keep in mind. You should drill drainage holes. It’s recommended to do this in the J-Channel of the bottom edge. The essence of this action is to avoid moisture from behind.

• Use j-channel before you apply vertical siding. You should take care of the installation of the j-channel around doors and windows. Take into account that you need to cut and bet the top of the opening to provide the runoff of water.

• Don’t install siding until you check the wall’s width and make sure that the last panel fits into the trim perfectly. Experts recommend starting the installations from the corner. It’ll be easier to apply the vertical vinyl siding. If you are new to such a job, you can watch the video on the web on how to push a finish trim into the corner channel. The best way to succeed is to hire professionals who have done this a hundred times already and won’t experience any difficulties.

• Place the upper edge nail close to the panel top. You are recommended to leave a small gap at the bottom and the top of the panel. Not everyone knows that it is a must-step to keep the gap at the panel’s ends.

After you have positioned one nail, you should do your best to position the rest of the nails. You’d better do this in the center of the nailing slots. Make sure that there is a movement upward by looking at all the panels and corners.

When you follow the step-by-step instructions above, don’t forget about safety guidelines. If you are going to start an installation of board and batten vinyl siding, you should check the local building code. It’s a must before you get started. You should understand that you may face unexpected challenging situations.

If you want to make the process of installation maximum comfortable and safe, hire a professional team of guys who know how to do it best. By choosing a reputable company, you can forget about any worries associated with the time-consuming process of installing board and batten siding. You’ll be sure that everything will be done on the top level and within a short period.