Why Video Poker Is Different From Common Slot Games

People who are new to casinos and are not familiar with how they work might probably see video poker and slots as the same game.

However, that is definitely not how things work, as video poker and slots are two widely different games entirely, in which the only general similarity between them is the fact that they are usually in a casino and have a particular screen that displays everything going on.

It is therefore essential for a punter to know the basic difference between video poker and slots games. Listed below are the most important differences between a video poker game and a slot machine.

• Winning Ability

A casino game is designed primarily to pay a particular amount of money back to the users. Considering deuces wild, a video poker game variant in which a player uses a deuce as a wild card to create an opportunity to win, will most of the time present a positive expectation of winning, depending on your ability to find the appropriate game. This means that you have the opportunity to make enough money on the game if you are conversant and use the right strategy.

However, making appropriate use of that strategy might not be as easy as you might imagine, as mistakes tend to occur during the process, thereby turning the seemingly positive expectation game the other way around.

The slot machine, on the other hand, does not work this way, as the slot machine would never provide a positive expectation game due to the fact that there is no strategy or decision making involved when playing the slot machine to change the positive expectation game otherwise.

• Game Variation

Settling down to play a slot game is quite appealing. The various slot games might seem different from the outside looking in, but they are basically the same. Slots games are quite the same, but the different themes are what make them look different. The difference in the theme with the 4D effect is what makes the slots game thrilling and entertaining.

However, comparing it to the video poker variants, there are actually various strategies, modes of play, and techniques involved in playing them. The variations involved simply show that by playing each game, there are absolutely different decision-making involved in getting the lowest possible house edge and different goals you are to achieve in getting a winning poker hand.

Therefore, you can say that the video poker games vary entirely from each other, while the slots games are basically the same.

• Jackpot

Walking into any casino house or searching through an online casino for a progressive jackpot with an extremely amazing prize reward of over a million dollars is actually quite easy. However, there is nothing such as a progressive jackpot in video poker games. You can actually find a pretty good reward for hitting a royal flush, but the prize is nothing compared to what you get from a slot machine.

This is due to the availability of a large number of punters going in for the game, thereby increasing the progressive jackpot pool every single time the slot is spanned.

• Entertainment

Slot games can be classified as one of the most entertaining casino games generally. It is far more interesting and intriguing than video poker games due to the particular way the game is being played and the various things involved. Classifying entertainment generally is quite subjective as the manner in which each individual defines entertainment varies widely.

However, speaking from neutral ground, the slot games are designed to be fun and at the same time entertaining, while the poker games are designed in such a way as to test the level of understanding of the strategies behind the game, thereby making it a little challenging.

The 4D effect, various bonuses and feature rounds followed by the various themes and sounds of the slot machine make it entertaining for punters to enjoy. When compared to video poker, which only has a single screen that displays the cards and a couple of control buttons to perform certain operations, there is basically nothing entertaining about it. So, one is quite more entertaining than the other.

• Strategic Play

Considering the poker game, various strategies are required in order to secure a chance of winning. This is due to the fact that decision-making is key in making every move, and with decision-making comes the ability to make use of these various strategies to achieve the best chance of securing a win.

For slot machines, only a small percentage of strategy is required in relation to the action taken before spinning the slot. Due to this spinning, the rest is left to luck. Still, when you play video poker games online in such places as Bovada.lv, it is not all left to luck, as decisions can still be implemented after dealing.


Upon learning and having in-depth knowledge of slot games and video poker games, you will come to realize that there are wide differences between both casino games.

Video poker, although similar to slot machines, has a component of the strategy. It involves both skill and luck and it’s this combo that makes players so attracted to the game.