Vikings: Valhalla Set for Third Season in 2024

The History Channel’s Vikings was one of the surprise television successes of the 2010s. Its popularity inspired Netflix to pounce and create a spinoff series in 2022, which has also proved to be a hit with viewers. The influence of these two excellent historical offerings can be seen throughout the entertainment industry, with Norse-inspired content everywhere.

Valhalla’s first 24 episodes have helped it to foster a dedicated following, and the series will return for a third season in 2024.

Popularity of Vikings Highlighted by Online Casino Industry

One of the best ways to get a gauge of how popular a theme is in the mainstream is to turn to the online casino industry. After all, this is one of the most booming sectors of entertainment, with annual revenue of more than $70 billion. Developers know they need to offer much-loved themes to attract players.

People who play slot games for real money are faced with plenty of common genres, and it’s clear that some a more prevalent than others. Viking history is easily one of the most popular themes, with countless games based on the period. These include titles like Vikings of Fortune, Vikings: Empire Treasures, Viking Hoard, Lightning Viking, and Vikings: Unleashed Megaways. Many of these games shot up after Vikings became one of the biggest television series of the last decade.

Valhalla Could Soon be Bigger Than its Predecessor

Another indication of a series success is whether the franchise continues after the flagship show ends. This has been the case with some of the greatest shows ever. For instance, Game of Thrones was followed by House of the Dragon and Breaking Bad led to Better Call Saul. Vikings is part of this elite set of television series, with Vikings: Valhalla acting as its first spinoff.

Valhalla has the potential to be bigger than the original show because the foundations are already in place. It can attract returning fans from its predecessor but also benefit from the supreme marketing power of Netflix. It would make a lot of sense for the streaming service to commission other related content to expand the franchise, with slot games representing an excellent way to draw more people in. By using modern marketing methods, Valhalla could one day be huge.

Potential for Future Spinoffs

It’s a good sign that Valhalla will be back for a third season, as this highlights the series’ popularity. The original ran for six seasons, and the nature of the new offering’s plot means it could run for at least that long as well.

The great thing about Valhalla is that it is also introducing plenty of new fan favourite characters. These could provide writers with inspiration for future spinoffs that explore different locations or timelines. Because the Viking period was so rich and detailed, there’s a lot of inspiration there for the franchise’s production team.

Vikings: Valhalla has been reliable so far with its seasons, with a new one released near the start of each year. Season three is likely to drop around January or February of 2024. If it continues to excel it will lead to future seasons and spinoffs.

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