Wardrobe Furniture Buying Guide: 5 Top Tips

Modern wardrobe design is functional, spacious, and elegant. If you choose the right wardrobe furniture for your space, it will make the room feel tidy and inviting. After all, a tidy space is a restful, stress-free space.

If you’ve never purchased wardrobe furniture before or haven’t in a while, our guide can help you purchase the right piece for your space.

5 Tips To Choose The Right Wardrobe Furniture

1. Functionality

IVO Cabinets recommends that when buying furniture, you focus on functionality above all else. You want to ensure that the piece you choose offers the function to make your space as comfortable and accommodating as possible.

The function starts with the wardrobe doors.

Will you want the doors to:

• Open outward?
• Slide open?

Depending on your space, you may need to consider the doors before making your purchase to ensure that they meet your needs.

You’ll then want to consider the following:

• Height of the unit
• Rail positions (full-length, partial)

Depth is another major consideration, and you’ll need to determine whether your white wardrobe needs deep drawers or not.

2. Usage

Next, look through the clothes that you have and your current wardrobe to determine what you’ll really use the wardrobe to achieve. For example, you’ll find two and three-door options with mirrors and other perks.

Do you need a mirror, or do you have one?

What will you be placing in the unit?

• Shoes?
• Dresses?
Makeup and other accessories?

Usage plays a major role in the purchasing process. Once you understand your own wardrobe and what you’ll be putting in it, it will be much easier to find a model that you really like and can utilize fully.

3. Types Of Wardrobes

Multiple types of wardrobes exist, and you’ll need to find the type that’s perfect for you. A few of the many options you’ll come across include:

Freestanding. A freestanding unit will be placed in the area and will work great for most spaces.

Fitted. If you purchase a fitted wardrobe, you’re going to pay more, but these units are designed to fit in your unique space. Rooms that have unique shapes or anyone that wants a custom unit made will want the fitted wardrobe.

One issue with fitted wardrobes is that they’re going to cost more and take more time to build. However, if you don’t mind the price increase, these furniture pieces are a nice addition to any space and can be designed to fit even in the smallest, most cramped corners.

You’ll also find:

• Two-door panel models
• Three-door panel models
Doorless options
Hinged or sliding door types

4. Size

Wardrobes can be one of your largest furniture pieces, or you can purchase smaller models that fit neatly into the corner. The size of the wardrobe storage is always something to consider. You’ll want to also measure your space.

You’ll need to know the ceiling height and even consider the depth of the wardrobe because you’ll need enough space to open the doors and walk comfortably in front of the unit.

A general rule of thumb on size is that you want to choose the biggest wardrobe possible for your space because most people underestimate how much space they truly require.

5. Style

Wardrobes are one of the largest furniture pieces that you’ll own. Due to their large size, you need to ensure that:

• You consider style very carefully
• Examine fine details, such as handles and ornate features

The furniture piece must match your space, and you’ll find so many styles to choose from, including contemporary, antique, boudoir, and others. Subtle, small features must be considered so that you have a sense of how the unit will look in your space. 

And if you choose a fitted unit, the style must be something you’re considering for the long-term because fitted pieces will cost significantly more than their counterparts. Of course, one thing that we failed to mention was the overall price of the furniture.

Before deciding on a model you like, you’ll want to familiarize yourself with the average cost of new wardrobes. Handmade and custom pieces will cost significantly more than mass manufactured pieces. And the main difference here will be that custom options tend to be built with much higher quality than the alternatives.

Final Thoughts

If you decide to buy a wardrobe, just remember these tips and the correct placement will make them work better. Buying a wardrobe is an intricate process, but if you take your time, you’ll find that your purchasing decision is just a little easier.