5 Unique Wedding Place Card Ideas

What are Wedding Place Cards?

First and foremost, it’s a good idea to get to know what wedding place cards actually are. Consider apprintable personalised wedding place cards for a moment and you’ll quickly see that they can be some of the most eye-catching items on a table, with options for clients to customise to their heart’s content.

Veggie Cards

There’s nothing worse than mixing up dietary requirements, but with a dedicated place card that details whether the guest is a vegetarian or non-vegetarian, everything can be made much simpler. If your wedding has a buffet, this card will act as a ticket to the vegetarian section, but if you are serving meals that are brought out by caterers, it will make table navigation all the more simple.

Group Cards

Most guests will have dedicated seating, but with unique place cards, you could make this experience all the more exciting. Groups can see where they will be seated with uniquely coloured cards or exciting designs that have been customised to mean something personal to them.

Origami Cards

What better way to make guests smile while giving them something to do than with a uniquely folded origami wedding place card? These exciting little items can add an exclusive touch to a wedding day and act as a special focal point of your wedding reception for years to come.

Fortune Cards

Another take on the foldable place cards genre is fortune cards – easily handled little paper devices that can reveal information on each fold like the child’s game. Not only can these be fun, but they can also be functional, allowing the guest to read information like their table placement, dietary requirements, or even facts about the venue to keep them occupied and enjoying their time.

Party Animal Cards

As simple as it can be to place a card on a table and allow the guest to pick it up and read it, another option would be to invest in a selection of stunning little ‘party animals’ which can be kept as keepsakes and then allow the cards to be slotted into a gap in their back. They come in different shapes and sizes, allowing for even more customisation potential.

These are just a selection of place card ideas and we are sure that you’ll be walking away feeling like one of these could be the ideal solution that you’ve been searching for.