What Can Be Depicted On Rude Father’s Day Cards?

Fathers are special, and what better way to show love to all the great Dads out there than with a card, for example, this site is known to offer good deals. So, it’s a good place to start. As one celebrity once said, “We only roast the ones we truly love”, which is probably why rude Father’s Day cards exist.

Nowadays, rude Father’s Day cards come in so many varieties. No matter what aspect you plan on insulting in your dad, chances are, you’ll find a card good enough for the job.

Like great celebrity roasts, when giving a rude Father’s Day card to your dad, remember, the card should be funny, vulgar and truthful. Most rude Father’s Day cards are funny, they often have comic depictions, vulgar jokes and amazing backgrounds. What makes the cards amazing is when what’s on the card, is true about your Dad.

So keep that in mind, when you go shopping for cards. And don’t worry, the loving and heartwarming admiration you have towards your dad can always be written inside the card, where you can appreciate him for being a good Father.

Ideas for Rude Father’s Day Cards

Now, without further ado, here are a few of the very good rude Father’s Day cards with catchy phrases to have graced the Internet so far.

  • Dad, Your farts are so bad, the entire world is now wearing face masks. Happy Father’s Day.
  • Happy Father’s Day. Baldilocks and the three hairs. With old age comes wisdom, sadly, it brings with it a saggy ball sack.
  • You may look like a cock. Act like a cock. And sound like a cock…. It’s because you are a cock! But you’re still a great Dad. Happy Father’s Day.
  • Give a Dad a fish, and he will eat it. Teach a Dad to fish, and he will drink beer on the docks. Happy Father’s Day.
  • A few words that describe you. Clever. Opulent. Charming. Kind. A Father is a man, who carries pictures in his pocket, where his money used to be. Dad, may your Father’s Day be better than your jokes.

Rude Father’s Day Messages

Asides from quotes on Rude Father’s Day cards, some others have gone a step further and prepared Rude Father’s Day cards, with Father’s Day messages!

  • Dear Dad, I just want you to know, how much I’ve enjoyed annoying the shit out of you my whole life and how I intend to carry on doing it for the foreseeable future. Happy Father’s Day.
  • Dear Dad, Thanks for wiping my bum when I was younger, you can fuck off if you think I will do the same for you when you’re old.

Guess what! That’s not all there is to Rude Father’s Day cards these days. There are Rude Father’s Day card poems as well!

Dad is a dude I like to call Dad
Dads can be rude, but Dads are no fad
They never go out of style
Because they were never in style
Shorts too short and socks too tall
Embarrassing to be seen at a mall
Dad walks around the house in his tighty whiteys
Which are no longer tightly and far from whitey.

Granted, rude Father’s Day cards may not be an ideal gift for every dad. However, a rude Father’s Day card is great to catch some good-natured family-friendly fun, at a loving father’s expense. Indeed, what better way to reciprocate your father’s love.