Dating Tips: What Does It Mean When a Guy Calls You Sweetie?

Every woman believes she is special and wants a guy who will treat her that way. That’s why guys will call a woman all different kinds of names to make her feel special. One of the common names that a guy will call you is sweetie. But what does it mean when a guy calls you sweetie?

What Does It Mean When a Guy Calls You Sweetie?


A guy calling you sweetie can mean a lot of different things. That’s why you need to know his intentions before you respond.

So, instead of just thinking about the name, you have to consider other things like his body language when he’s calling your sweetie. Here are the main reasons why a guy might call you sweetie.

1. He’s Attracted to You

If a guy only refers to you as sweetie, he may be attracted to you. However, you have to study his body language when he’s around you to know for sure if he likes you. Here are some of the body language signals you should look out for:

• He’s attentive to you even when you’re in a group
• Focusing on you even when other people in the group are talking
• Emulating your body language
• Standing too close to you
• Maintaining eye contact when he’s talking to you
• Showing dilated pupils when he looks at you
• Using a deeper voice when speaking with you than he does with other people
• Aligning his plans with yours
• Asking important details about you
• Adjusting his clothes when you show up
• Sitting upright the moment you enter the room
• Staring at you and turning away quickly when you look at him

2. He Wants to Be in a Romantic Relationship with You

If a guy who has been your friend for some time suddenly starts calling you sweetie, it could imply that he wants to be romantically involved with you. He doesn’t want to be just a friend. If that’s the case, he will show other signs of being attracted to you in his body language.

For instance, he may become agitated when he sees you with another guy. He will also try to defend you when you’re in an argument with other people. When he makes his plans, he will try to align them with yours. These signs show that he considers you to be more than just a friend.

3. It’s His Nature

Some guys are used to referring to women as sweetie as a way of showing respect. For instance, men in the United Kingdom commonly refer to women as sweetie, especially in casual conversations. So, before you conclude that he likes you because he calls you sweetie, make sure he doesn’t say it to other women.

4. He’s Patronizing You

Some men will call you sweetie when they want to make you feel inferior to them. You should know he’s patronizing you if he calls you sweetie sarcastically. He will also call you sweetie when you’re making a suggestion. Here are some body language signs to help you know if he’s patronizing you:

• Ignoring you when you’re talking
• Tightening his lips when you’re talking to him
• Sneering you when you are talking
• Lifting his chin and looking down on you
• Keeping his arms crossed when you’re talking to him

5. He’s in Love with You

A guy who loves you won’t hesitate to make you feel special by referring to you as sweetie. He’ll call you sweetie as a way of letting you know that he loves you, especially if he’s already your boyfriend. You should also check if his body language portrays any of the signs mentioned above.

6. He Wants to Make You Happy

A guy will call you sweetie if he wants to make you happy. This usually happens when you are talking to him about a bad experience in your life. He will also call you sweetie when you look sad.

7. He’s Testing You

Sometimes a guy who likes you will call you sweetie just to see how you’ll react. If you’ve been friends for a while and he’s never called you sweetie, it could mean that he’s developing feelings for you and therefore he wants to see if you’ll react positively.

Things to Consider When Reacting to a Guy Who Calls You Sweetie


As mentioned above, a guy can call you sweetie if he’s attracted to you and wants to be more than just a friend to you. But sometimes he will call you sweetie as a sign of respect and gentleness.

So, how you react to it depends on the guy’s main intention. Here are some important things to consider when trying to figure out what the guy means when he calls you sweetie.

How Frequently Does He Use the Name Sweetie?

As mentioned above, sweetie denotes love, gentleness, and positive feelings towards the other person. However, it doesn’t always denote romance. Therefore, before you conclude that the guy is calling you sweetie because he wants to be romantically involved with you, consider how often he uses the name when talking to other women.

If he uses the name with every other woman, it means that he uses the name as a rhetorical expression or a spoken tic.

Are You Currently Dating Him?

The name sweetie is part of the so-called “love language”. Therefore, if the guy you’re currently dating calls you sweetie, it means that your relationship is growing stronger. It could also indicate that he’s comfortable around you and is ready to share his dreams, fears, and aspirations with you.

However, you need to consider how long you’ve been together. While being called sweetie feels great, it’s important to ensure that your relationship is going at the right pace. If he starts calling you sweetie after the first date, then it might feel like he’s rushing things just to get in bed with you. But it can also indicate that he’s genuinely in love with you and doesn’t want to dillydally.

Has He Suddenly Started to Call You Sweetie After Being Friends for a While?

If you’ve been friends with the guy for a while and he suddenly calls you sweetie, he could be developing feelings for you and now wants to be more than just a friend.

So, if you haven’t been paying attention to his body language, this is a perfect time to do so. Since you’ve been friends for some time, you should have the confidence to ask him what he means when he calls you so. This will allow him to open up about his feelings.

Was It an Accident or He Meant It?

Sometimes a guy might call you sweetie by mistake. In that case, you shouldn’t make a fuss about it. If it was a mistake, he will apologize immediately and appear embarrassed. But if he doesn’t apologize or look troubled by it, most probably he meant it.

If he is your friend, it means that he wants you guys to be more than just friends. It could also mean that he called you sweetie to see how you’ll react.

How Do You Respond When Someone Calls You Sweetie?


The “sweetie” is a super loaded phrase, you need to be sure about what it means before you respond. Using the meanings discussed above, you should be able to interpret the phrase correctly and offer the appropriate response. Remember that your response should be guided by the context in which the phrase is used.

How to Respond to a Friend

• “Interesting word choice! Where’d that come from?”
• “Um… why don’t we just stick to ‘buddy’ instead of ‘sweetheart’”?
• “Oh, hey. I really like the friendship we’ve built. I don’t want to change it.”
• “That means a lot to me. Things have been rough.”
• “I really needed that. Mind if I vent a little more?”
• “You’re such a good friend. I’m glad you’re in my life.”
• “Aw! You’re really thoughtful.”
• “That feels really good to hear.”
• “You always see the best in me!”

How to Respond to Your Crush

• “I’ve been waiting for you to come up to me!”
• “Slick. Want to take me out?”
• “Just for that, I’m buying you coffee.”
• “Oh my goodness! What do I say to that?! How about…thank you!”
• “Wow! I wasn’t expecting to hear that today.”
• “Aw! I’m speechless.”
• “Are you flattering me, darling?”
• “Oh, honey! You’re making me melt.”
• “Feeling brave, aren’t you, babe?”

How to Respond to a Stranger

• “You’re welcome!”
• “Anything else I can get for you?”
• “No problem! Happy to help.”
• “I appreciate that. I’ve been working on this report for months.”
• “It’s always great when your contributions are valued.”
• “Thank you. I take my work very seriously.”
• “Oh, just to let you know, my name is…”
• “Please don’t call me that.”
• “We don’t have the kind of dynamic where you can say that.”

If the guy condescendingly calls you sweetie, politely make your boundaries clear for him. For instance, if he’s smirking and laughing at you, politely let him know that he shouldn’t use such a phrase with you. You can even tell him how he should refer to you.