Why You Need A Marijuana Card

Marijuana is known to be a commonly abused drug as well as a vital substance for certain medical conditions. People with chronic pain and other medical conditions make use of medical marijuana. To ensure its proper use, some regulations were put in place and this gave birth to the use of marijuana cards. Depending on whether your state approves of the use of medical marijuana, there are certain things you must know.

Who Can Use A Marijuana Card?

Since marijuana is of great importance in medical practice, we cannot endanger the lives of certain persons in critical conditions just to make sure that it is not abused. Different States give people with different medical conditions the license to use marijuana. Though it might differ from State, majorly people with the following conditions are given such licenses. It is allowed for treating the following:

• cancer;
• glaucoma;
• Crohn’s disease;
• multiple sclerosis (MS);
• amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease;
• epilepsy and seizures;
• chronic pain;
• severe nausea;
• parkinson’s disease;
• anorexia;
• migraines;
• fibromyalgia;

Depending on the state, you might be given access to use medical marijuana for the treatment of diseases with chronic symptoms that impacts the quality of one’s life.

How To Get A Marijuana Card

Before you can get a Marijuana card, you must, first of all, consult your physician to discuss if your conditions suggest the use of medical marijuana. Also, your physician will let you know the side effects of its use so that you are well informed. Once securing your doctor’s approval, you can proceed with the next step.

Different States engage different processes before issuing a Marijuana card. The majority of States will require that you register with the Marijuana registry providing proof of your doctor’s approval, and stating how important medical marijuana is for handling your condition.

To wrap up the process you might be expected to create an online account where you can upload documents relevant to your applications and also part with a fee to secure your marijuana card.

What You Can Do With Marijuana Card

Having a marijuana card gives you the legitimate liberty to buy marijuana from approved dispensaries within your state. Also, you might be given the liberty to grow marijuana plants in your residence for private use, depending on your health condition and the state. The marijuana card covers your purchase of medical marijuana in the following forms:

• oral solutions;
• topical creams or applications;
• pills;
• oils for vaporizing;
• dried out leaves for smoking;
• spray;

You can administer your medical marijuana products yourself or your caregiver can help you administer them especially if the person is listed on your marijuana card as your caregiver. These marijuana products might take longer to yield effect depending on their form and the severity of your symptoms.


The use of marijuana cards has helped to curb the abuse of marijuana and at the same time cater for the welfare of those with critical conditions that can only be remedied with medical marijuana.