3 Great Reasons Why You Should Adopt, Don’t Shop

No one is cut out to be a puppy or kitten breeder. The conditions are inhumane and horrible for the animals. Why not try something a little less sinister — arranging for shelter animals.

Have you ever considered adopting a dog from various shelters? Everyone loves dogs, but only a few realize that there are perks to adopting a dog too.

Read on to find out why you should adopt don’t shop.

1. Adopting Means You Save a Life

Adopting a pet means saving a life. By choosing to adopt you’re saving an animal from an overcrowded shelter or a life on the streets, where they often have inadequate veterinary care, poor nutrition, and insufficient shelter. Additionally, you are opening up space in the shelter or fostering a pet until they find a permanent home.

By adopting a pet, you are giving it a loving home where it can live out its full life span. As a bonus, shelters and rescues will also provide necessary vaccinations and basic medical care. These pets come with a story and have gone through hardship. They will likely be extra grateful for the chance of a new life.

If you are short on time, adopting an older animal means less need for extra training to adjust to its new home. All in all, adopting a pet is a humane, cost-effective way to find a companion.

2. Adopting is More Affordable

The average cost of adopting a pet dog ranges between $100-$400, while the average cost of buying a pet can range from $500-$3,000 or more. Not only is adoption typically less expensive, but shelters often have various options for those who can’t afford even the minimum fee.

Many shelters offer fee waivers, reduced rates, and subsidies for veterans, seniors, and families with financial hardship. Adoption fees also cover the cost of spay/neuter services, veterinary exams, and vaccinations — saving pet parents even more money.

Adopting is a win-win: Not only will you save money, but you’ll be giving a rescued animal a safe, loving home — you can’t put a price on that!

3. Most Shelter Animals Are Already House-Trained

One great reason why you should consider adopting rather than shopping for a new pet is that most shelter animals are already house-trained. This means you won’t have to worry about struggling to teach an animal proper bathroom habits and having to clean up after accidents.

On top of that, since the puppies and kittens at the shelter have often been living among volunteers and staff before they get adopted, they’ve likely been exposed to a few basic commands and learning lessons that may make it easier for you to have them obey you.

Additionally, you’ll be giving a loving home to a pet who is struggling and feeling unwanted; this will also undoubtedly boost your self-confidence and morale. Whether you’re looking for a companion animal or a service animal, read more on adopting a puppy from a shelter.

Save a Life: Adopt Don’t Shop

The choice to adopt a pet rather than shop should be an obvious one. With millions of animals suffering in community shelters, the impact that adoption can have is amazing. Adopt don’t shop, and save a life today by adopting a pet rather than shopping for one. Visit your local animal shelter and discover the joy that comes with even the smallest adoption.

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