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Tips On How To Work With A Global Employment Agency

Suppose your business has run short of employees or is in its peak season and needs temporary workers to help for a short period. In that case, you can quickly get employees from a global employment agency. They offer talent solutions depending on the employer’s needs. For example, you could get employees on a contract, seasonal or permanent type of employment.

Besides, working with an employment agency connects you with talents and skilled personnel you would not have found yourself. This eases the workload and helps your company achieve its goals. However, you will pay a small fee for the service. If it is your first time searching for employees through a global employment agency, these tips will help you.

1. Contact A Specialized Employment Agency

There are many employment agencies, and it could be challenging to choose one. Before hiring, contact agencies that deal with employees in line with your vacant department.

For example, if you are looking for people to employ in your business’s accounting, marketing or finance department, there are employment agencies that deal solely with those fields. They get many applications after every job advertisement, so they have many talents in their database. Therefore, they will take the shortest time to find a replacement and know how to evaluate the candidate’s experience.

2. Communicate

Communication is essential when dealing with a global employment agency. Get into contact with the hiring manager and tell them all the details about your firm, because they will be representing you before the candidates. Tell them the type of talent you want, whether in the entry-level, intermediate, or expert, and the nature of employment. This helps the agency draft a good job description and communicate clearly to the candidates.

You should also mention any other significant policy, be it the dress code or your business culture. Also, check how you relate with the recruitment manager. If you are not open enough or comfortable communicating with them, seek another agency. This is not a free service, and you want to be listened to and understood.

After you have done all the communication, the agency’s responsibility is to create job posts, advertise the position, and receive and review resumes. They also carry out the interviews and present the best candidate.

3. Prepare For The Employee

The agency can also help you and the entire office get ready for the newcomer. This includes creating space for them, buying equipment, and preparing for orientations and is essential for all new employees, whether permanent or on contract.

To help the new employee fit in and be comfortable, the employer can start by orientation. This includes introducing the rest of the office team and allowing the new employee to ask questions. Include them in office lunches meetings and group discussions. Those working remotely should be allowed to participate through video conferencing. Ensure the new employee fits in with your corporate culture.

4. Give Feedback

Providing feedback to the global employment agency on whether you like the new employee and how they perform helps the employer and the agency with future hires. You can also let the agency know if there are any problems. Some offer to search for another employee or compensate in other ways.

5. Weigh The Fees

As the employer seeking talents through the employment agency, you will be required to pay a service fee. Different agencies charge differently, depending on the value of their services and your requirements.

When finding an employment agency, get many options and interview them. You can ask for their quotations during the interviews and weigh which one is more affordable. However, do not go for the cheapest. They tend to have poor services, and you will suffer frustrations in the long run.

6. Hire The Best Employment Agency

The many agencies will make it hard for you to choose one. Furthermore, you cannot know the best unless you have interviewed them. You can ask your colleagues to refer you to a staffing agency in Toronto they worked with and liked their services. You can also source agencies on the internet.

Check their websites and scroll down to the customer review section to see what other people had to say about them. Do not also ignore the years of experience.

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