Crucial Steps to Take After a Truck Accident

Every time you step into your truck, you want to believe that you will drive safely to your destination and back. Unfortunately, the possibility of an accident is also a reality that we have to contend with. Knowing what to do at such a moment can make the burden easier for all those involved.

What to Do When Your Truck Gets Involved in an Accident

In an unfortunate road incident, the steps you take are essential in preserving life and preventing further property damage. Bewildering as that moment is, you have to muster the strength and do the following.

Check for Injuries

In any accident, the preservation of life takes precedence. Are you or someone who was with you in the truck hurt? Call 911. If you’re in a position to, you can offer first aid for minor injuries. The experts are in a better position to handle significant injuries. Trying to pull someone from a mangled wreck, for instance, can seem helpful but could end up making the injuries worse. In most cases, the ambulance only takes a few minutes to get to the accident site, where the paramedics can take over.

Evaluate the Scene

Some will advise you to leave the scene untouched until the police get there, but this is not always applicable. What if the accident poses a danger to other motorists? You may be in an accident where involved vehicles stop in the middle of the road, risking the safety of other road users. In this case, you’re better off moving the cars to the side before you have more casualties. If the accident scene poses no threat, you can wait until the authorities arrive.

Compile Information

Document any detail that is likely to be helpful in the case. Here you can take videos and photos of the scene from different angles, so it’ll be easier for the police to pin together what happened. Such information also comes in handy if you get legal assistance, such as involving an Arizona truck accident lawyer to push for your compensation.

Take down the details of the other people involved in the accident, such as their names, phone numbers, social security numbers, insurance policy information, and so on. If the other party proves hostile, as motorists often are when they’re at fault, you can simply take the generic details and wait for the police to handle the rest.

Contact Your Insurance Company

Make your insurance company aware of the accident at your earliest convenience. Remember, one of the conditions of car insurance companies is that accidents have to be reported within 24 hours. Any further delay and your claim could fly out the window. If you’re injured, in which case you need to prioritize medical attention, let somebody get in touch with the insurance firm.


By all means, avoid confrontations. The accident has already happened, and road rage will only worsen the matter. No matter who is at fault, the issue is now out of your hands. Do not drive off, either, no matter how minor the accident seems. Not only is it a gesture of goodwill to stop and check on the occupants of the other vehicles, but it also keeps you out of trouble with the law. If you hit and run, you’ll be a wanted person. You can avoid such trouble by stopping at the scene and following the abovementioned steps.