Hair Loss

How to Fight Back Against Hair Loss

Experiencing hair loss can be frustrating and confidence-crushing – particularly if you’re in your 20s, 30s, or 40s. However, it’s not irreversible. There are effective ways to address and manage balding for most men.

Don’t Let Hair Loss Control Your Life

There’s nothing actually wrong with hair loss. It’s a totally normal part of aging for millions of men and women. And if you’re fine embracing it, then by all means, embrace it! There are plenty of men who look good with a shaved head or receding hairline. 

However, if you find it’s something that hurts your confidence and leaves you self-conscious and frustrated, then you’ll be glad to know there are things you can do.

Feed Your Hair Right

First things first, what you eat matters. Make sure your meals include foods that are good for your hair. Yes, you heard that right – your hair needs nutrients, too. More specifically, your hair and scalp need plenty of vitamins B12 and D, iron, biotin, and riboflavin. 

Try adding eggs, spinach, berries, nuts, sweet potatoes, avocados, sweet peppers, beans, and fatty fish to your plate. These foods are packed with vitamins and proteins that can help your hair stay strong and healthy. (There are also plenty of hair loss supplements that can help you get adequate amounts of these nutrients, but it’s always good to start with your diet and then supplement with these – hence the name.)

Give LLLT a Try

Ever heard of something called Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT)? It’s a fancy term, but it’s actually pretty simple science. LLLT uses special light to stimulate hair growth when used regularly.

There are several companies out there that can help you regrow hair with laser therapy, but Kiierr is widely considered to be one of the most reliable brands. They use laser cap technology, which is a simple device you place on your head and can use while doing almost anything around the house.

“The Kiierr Laser Cap uses scientifically proven LLLT technology to regenerate your hair follicles giving them increased energy and blood flow,” Kiierr explains. “In just 30 minutes every other day you’ll see those frail follicles transform into thick and healthy hair once again.”

Typically, it takes a few months to start seeing results with laser therapy. However, if you do it consistently, you’ll start to notice thicker hair growth and, eventually, those bald spots and receding hairline should start to fill in. 

Treat Your Hair with Care

Choosing the right hair products can make a big difference. Look for shampoos and conditioners that are gentle on your scalp and don’t contain harsh chemicals. Also, try not to style your hair too roughly – go easy on the brushing and avoid super tight hairstyles that could pull on your hair.

Think About Medical Options

Okay, this one might sound more serious, but it’s totally safe and worth knowing about. There are some treatments out there, like minoxidil and finasteride, that can help prevent hair loss and even encourage new hair growth. You’ll want to talk to a doctor about these to see if they’re right for you. When combined with other tips on this list, medication can slow down hair loss and/or accelerate your hair growth.

Stress Less, Hair More

Did you know that stress can mess with your hair? Try finding ways to chill out and relax. Whether it’s practicing yoga, taking walks, or even just doing things you enjoy, reducing stress levels can help keep your hair happy.

In fact, healthy lifestyle habits across the board can help. Eating well, exercising, and getting enough sleep can do wonders for your hair. A healthy body often means a healthy scalp, and a healthy scalp means happier hair. 

The more you focus on adopting healthy habits that feed your body with the right things (while also staying away from any negative habits that strip your body of nutrients and energy), the healthier you’ll be from your head to your toes.

Fight Back Against Hair Loss

So there you have it, friend! These tips might be simple, but they can pack a punch against hair loss. Remember, it’s totally normal to feel a bit down about losing hair, but you’ve got options to fight back. Give these tips a try, and who knows? You might just rock that fuller head of hair in no time!

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